Volunteering Admission Essay

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:44
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From our experiences, we probably have walked past individuals lying on the streets or know of a poor family struggling to make ends meet in this current economy. Media on the other hand always report on needy people who have been struck by natural calamities or we may have come across a highly polluted river or depleted forest. For their protection, all these factors need our concerns and resources. We may lack the material things but offering our time to volunteer is a valuable resource that comes from within our hearts and the need to help those who are unable.

“We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill. From the beginning, I have always had interest in helping the needy but since I am still in school, the only way I can help them is through volunteering. My greatest concern is people who are less privileged and those suffering. I always go to hospitals to motivate the sick and give them strength and hope, visiting the elderly homes to encourage the old and give them a sense of meaning to their world. Changing lives is my dream and volunteering gives me an opportunity to do so. Meeting various individuals in various stages of lives and through interaction inspires me a lot giving me the strength and motivation to continue with the work.
My big heart, I think borrowed a leaf from my grandparents who are doctors and they are my role models. I have always envied their work experience and their heart of helping patients. Generally, the needy have nothing to pay for our generosity but with their appreciations I feel contented and motivated for they have found a shoulder to lean on. With this, I also am more inspired and committed to my services, which I think is the driving force in me towards attaining my career. With constant interaction with the old, one gets new ideas and techniques on how to face live since through their experiences they have seen and learn a lot. Volunteering activities is mostly streamlined by nongovernmental organizations and in most cases, you find new friends from the diverse society with the same or different interest, who at long run can help you secure a job in future. Volunteering is an art that not only requires time, but also commitment and patience.

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