Use Of Tablet PCs In Education Research Proposal Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:51
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1.0 Background information
With the current advances in technology, tablet PC’s offer an alternative to desktops, laptops and even pocket PCs. Tablet PC’s are equipped with touch screen options and wireless internet technology. They are manufactured by several companies such as Dell, Toshiba, HP and Apple. There are two tablet models that have emerged in recent times: slate model and the clamshell model. The slate model eliminates the need for a keyboard and CD drives. The clamshell model has a screen that mimics a standard laptop but this can be “swiveled” in order to convert it into a slate. The tablet PC can have a stylus which generates “digital ink” hence can be used to generate notes just like a paper note book. The tablet PC uses Windows XP which makes it unique suitable for e-learning.
The digital ink also makes it possible to write and erase information on Power Point presentations. Using Microsoft producer, the lecturers or teachers can make the Power Point presentations even more interesting; the software allows for incorporation of audio content in addition to distribution via the web which the students can access as .RM files. The digital ink allows for the teachers to grade and comment on assignments that have been sent to them by their students. In distance learning courses, this makes learning even more interactive. The students get the grades and the comments on their assignments once they hand them in online.
Tablet PC’s can be used in classrooms from elementary schools to universities to offer an effective and fast means to deliver content to students for the following reasons: They are lighter hence they can easily be carried around for the purposes of accessing the content. The ease with which one can switch to different content allows the students to learn with fewer delays. Given that tablet PC’s have sensitive screens, they offer the users or learners greater opportunities for interaction.
The cost of developing applications for tablet PC’s is relatively low hence it is possible to come up with several applications for educational purposes. The tablets have a long battery life hence once they have been charged the student can use it for learning purposes in the course of the school day. There are several studies have been conducted on the implications of their use in education. Research has shown that schools that have integrated the use of tablet PC’s in the classroom have recorded an increase in the imagination and creativity among the students.
Presently, Tablet PC’s are being used by several institutions of higher learning. The University of Ontario, Bentley College, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are among the institutions of higher learning that have embraced the use of tablet PC’s as learning and teaching tools. .In a survey involving 28 students who were long distance students, 53% of the respondents said that their understanding of the course content was enhanced by animations and illustrations provided by the tablet PCs. In addition to that, the respondents also stated that the use of the tablets was helpful in enhancing interaction during the lessons. This research proposal shall analyze the use of tablet PCs in learning institutions to determine the pros and cons of it.
2.0 Hypotheses
H0: is the use tablet PCs in education beneficial?
H1: is the use of tablet PCs in education better than the traditional approaches?
3.0 Project objectives
The first objective of the project shall be to conduct a survey of the higher learning institutions. A section of schools will be randomly picked and the prevalence of the use of tablet PCs in those institutions determined. The second objective of the project shall be to determine the merits of using tablet PCs in higher learning institutions. The teachers and students shall enumerate the benefits of using the tablet PC. The third objective of the project shall be to determine the demerits of using the tablet PCs as compared to traditional approaches of learning (books and chalk boards). The current situation of the schools that are using traditional approaches to instill knowledge shall be presented against the situation in the institutions that are currently using tablet PCs. The fourth objective shall be determine the merits and demerits of the use white boards or chalk boards as learning and teaching tools.
4.0 Project methodology
The first objective shall be attained by randomly picking a sample of higher learning institutions where a survey shall be conducted across selected faculties; engineering, mathematics and science. Respondents shall be both teachers and the students. Questionnaires shall be administered to the respondents containing a set of questions as shall be outlined later on in this paper. As an expansion to the responses obtained through the questionnaires, secondary data on the merits and demerits of use of tablet PCs shall be obtained from previous studies conducted on the same subject. In order to attain the fourth objective, higher learning institutions that use white boards or chalk boards shall be picked. The efficacy of these methods of teaching shall be established through questionnaires. The data collected shall be analyzed in the form of pie charts and graphs in addition to statistical analysis.
5.0 Questionnaire
Does the institution use white boards or chalk boards during lessons?
Does the institution use tablet PCs as a learning tool?
What do the teachers think about the use of traditional approaches during learning?
What do the students think about the use of whiteboards and chalk boards during lessons?
How has the use of tablet PCs affected the performance of the students?
How has the use of chalk boards and white boards affected the performance of students?
What does the school board and the parents think about the use of tablet PCs?
Would the introduction of tablet PCs be a welcome idea in the institution?
What are the merits of using tablet PCs as learning tools?
What are the demerits of using tablet PCs as learning tools?
What challenges are being experienced in the use of chalk boards and white boards in the institution?
What are the advantages of using white boards and chalk boards in the institution?
Do the institutions that use chalk boards and white boards perform better than those that use tablet PCs?
What are the reasons behind the lack of accessibility to tablet PCs in institutions of higher learning?
6.0 Time plan
Identification of schools that will be part of the study
5 days
Drafting and delivery of letters to seek permission from the respective institutional heads
Preparation of questionnaires
Distribution of questionnaires among respondents
Collection of questionnaires from the participating centers
Analysis of data
Compilation of the findings of the study
9 days
Presentation of findings
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