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Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:33
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Personal Statement
I have always been fascinated with the admiration of studying business since my childhood. As I look back into my life, it has been immensely stimulating, driven to business with many challenges and opportunities that my parents faced. Since I was young I would see my parents working hard in the field of business so as to provide for me and my other siblings. These experiences in real life have incredibly influenced my life including the choices I make, my thoughts, and goals that I intend to achieve. Perhaps, the most tremendous experience that has made me choose business as my major is what I witnessed during my childhood. My parents could stay awake till midnight discussing on how to make their business better and calculating various business accounts. This experience has been my driving force to study business as a major.
I like to study business in UCBerkely College because it has changed my life in various ways. I want to study business as a major so as to help educate my parents on various business issues. Moreover, studying business as a major will help me secure a job, earn money, run my own business, and make a better life for my parents. Other reasons why I want to study business is to follow my interest, understand the ever changing business trends, start my own business, gain knowledge on classic business items, and improve my life and the life of my parents.
I was born in a countryside family in Fujian, China. I Graduated from SDA High School, Delap, Majuro, Marshall Island on May 2011. Apart from my education success, I have developed various skills and experience that will enable me to perform well in my educational pursue in business at UCBerkely College. I learned a lot of things related to business from my parents, which includes marketing, customer care, how to cut prices, and pay the employee's salary. I learned to double check calculations, since the wrong calculation could lead to loss or profit. In general, I learned that a customer is the most important person in the business.
Overall, I comprehend that studying business in this institution will help me learn more about various business aspects. Certainly, after studying business, I want to either go back to Marshall Island to help my parents, or stay and find a good job, or operate my own business in order to get my parents a better life. I believe studying business as a major will enable me to achieve these goals.
I feel my business experience, academic qualification, as well as personal attributes would be in-line with the needs required to study business. I believe the UCBerkely College will provide me with skills, knowledge, as well as knowhow in running a business. I am confident, hard working, self driven, and humble person; this attributes will help me in studying business. I am looking forward into being part of the UCBerkely College success.

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