The Advantage Of Florida Tech's Location Admission Essay

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:39
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I used to spend most of my holidays watching television. Out of concern, my mum declared that I was only entitled to watch two documentary programs plus one additional one of my choice. The rest of the time was to be spent doing homework of reading novels. Though frustrating, as it was, it was not long before I started enjoying the documentary programs. I never noticed that I was slowly getting inclined to watching documentaries revolving around famous architectural structures of the world. The thought if being a civil engineer stroke me one day while watching a documentary of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. I was particularly amazed with how a human structure spanning over 4000 ft could be built on top of the water. I recall telling myself “I want to be a civil engineer”.
Ever since, I have envisioned being a civil engineer. Therefore, in light of my career objectives, it is logical that I enroll in an institution of higher learning that will provide me an apt exposure to knowledge relevant to the civil engineering profession. I am explicitly interested in Florida Tech because of its location. Located in Melbourne, Florida; a city that boasts of a plethora of architectural and civil engineering firms expressively manifested in its architecture, I am sure to secure an internship position in one of these great firms. I underscore the importance of internship in any career path. Moreover, Florida’s structures, for instance the Hal W. Adams Bridge, will serve as my case studies during the course. Such advantages are not prevalent for most of the institution offering civil engineering courses.
Academically, I am a versatile individual with a “mathematically inclined brain”. I posses impeccable technical and analytical knowledge that is derive from watching numerous civil engineering and architectural documentaries and cross checking them from literature. Moreover, I am dedicated team player; I have exemplary interpersonal and communication skills that enable me fit well in any team setting. I love soccer- given the opportunity I can prove to be a useful asset to the ‘panthers’.
It is my earnest endeavor to pursue civil engineering up to master’s level before putting up my own civil engineering firm. I am optimistic that I will get admission to your institution.

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