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Published: 2021-06-22 00:43:35
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As the CEO of a multinational Organization, I will ensure that I am a visionary leader. I will be the type of leader who works towards achieving certain goals for the organization I work for. I will commit myself to protecting the interests of the Organization in such a way that success will be attainable in the long run. I will apply cross cultural leadership in the multinational Organization. I will be the kind of leader who can integrate my leadership skills to suit the different cultural backgrounds represented within the organization. I will apply this in my day to day duties as the CEO. I will influence and motivate my followers in such a way as to enable them to contribute towards the success of the company. I will ensure that there is consensus in the motives, values, interpretations, identities and beliefs of all my followers. This will make communication possible in the organization (John, 2010)
I will ensure that I promote a collectivist type of system. This is where everyone works towards the attainment of one goal, which is organizational success. I will make sure that my followers are skilled in various things. This way, it will be easier to make necessary rotations within the organization so that people work as one.

I will also ensure that communication on important matters is done in time. This will also promote the spirit if collectivism, considering that people feel better when they work as one as opposed to each performing their own roles. The spirit of collectivism will also make it possible for problems to be identified at an early stage. Rectification of this will then be done to make sure that everything is alright. I will detest from being an individualistic leader who likes to keep to himself. I will consult whenever it is necessary and encourage people to work together as one.

I will promote a low power distance policy. This is where inequality levels will be at the minimum. I will be a fair leader. I will not give preference to certain people on the basis that I know them better than others. This will also help to bridge the gap between me and the other workers. This way, it will be easier to get useful links and information from them regarding the organization. It will also lower the levels of tension in the organization. The effect of this will be an organization that is focused on performance. There will also be high levels of contentment with my followers if I pursue this route. One of the ways that I will do to ensure this a low power distance policy is to make myself available. I will make my office a place where people can feel free to come and communicate any issues that they could be having. At the same time, I will ensure that I organize meetings where we can meet and discuss important issues as a team. I will make it open for people to raise any issues that could be affecting them.

I will also employ the policy of Uncertainty avoidance in the Organization. There will be rules to govern the work place. Truth will always prevail in the Organization considering it will eventually help us to achieve organizational success. I will lead the organization to careful planning so as to avoid uncertainty in the organization. We shall always achieve what we want to achieve since we shall go slowly on it without rushing. My followers will be under very able leadership (Leslie &James , 1992). I will try to bridge the gap of masculinity and femininity in the Organization being its CEO. I will achieve this by organizing team building affairs where people can go and feel together. It will help them to bond, and as such, forget the differences between them.

I will encourage Long term orientation as opposed to short term orientation policies within the organization. The multinational company is a going concern meaning it is more concerned with the future than the present. Long term orientation would thus be most appropriate for this situation. I will also encourage long term orientation since it is the basis of a dynamic organization. Persistence will be very essential in the long term objectives. This is where I will encourage everyone to be determined to achieve organizational success (Richard & Katherine, 2005).


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