Spin Off On Medea By Euripides Creative Writing Example

Published: 2021-06-22 00:47:45
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At the scene where Jason agonizes for the death of his children and the cruelty that Medea is showing him for not letting him touch the corpses of his children, the Messenger behind the heavy door eagerly listens to the unusual scene happening beyond the door. He too is weeping inside because of what Medea came to be. The messenger, although a witness to the murder of the royal family can only do so much, for he can only hate Medea for what she had done, but cannot lay a finger on her for some reason. As the Messenger listens to the devastating course of conversation between Jason and Medea, he cannot help but to feel that in a way he had a played a part on this sad ending.
Little that everybody knows, the Messenger is no longer a young warrior that he used to be, the lines on his face already shows the long years of endured sufferings. His weary feet and weakening knees can no longer make a swift stride across the halls of the palace. By the time he left his little town to serve as an army recruit for the former king, Creon’s father. The messenger left his beloved lady without a word of goodbye. Little did he know that the lady he loved the most is already bearing his child. The lady grieved for the reality of being left alone and that the man he loved left him without a hint of anticipation.
The lady died shortly after giving birth to a baby girl she called Medea. The messenger continues his own path without the knowledge of his own daughter who lived like a savage and being enslaved by the family who adopted her. That the man she called father makes her work from dusk till dawn and an older brother who above all desires her to be the object of his lust. The Messenger served the king’s army and fought valiantly under the king’s banner. He then returned to his hometown as a hero of war. He tried to look for lady he left behind many ages ago, in a hope to reconcile the past and apologies to be offered. The messenger failed to find the lady he left long ago, and the sad news of misfortune that his lady has endured after he left struck him so painfully. More painful than being wounded by the edge of a sword, but he didn’t lose hope, for he had learned that a daughter might still be waiting for his return. He spent years of searching for the maiden named Medea but to no luck. When all hopes are gone, the messenger returned to the palace to serve the new king Creon.
Upon his return, the messenger received word about the whereabouts of Medea, his long lost daughter, but time seemed to run out as the woman he wished to embrace and to ask forgiveness from were already gloomed with revenge and hate. The messenger watched Medea for what she had become; he never said a word to anyone about his blood relation to Medea. He thought it would be wise to keep the dark past in the shadows and never to let the truth about him reach out in the open.
On the day the royal family was murdered and Medea to be the person responsible, the messenger can only pray that the gods would spare Medea for what she did. The only thing comes into his mind is to blame himself, not because he didn’t acted upon seeing the dreadful scenario the royal family ended up with. But because he did not know what happened to Medea that could be the reason she is consumed with so much hate, what happened to her that she allowed her conscience to leave her and be alone with broken sanity. At that moment of reminiscing, the messenger’s tears rolled down his aging cheeks, broken and lost, if only he can turn back the time and rewrite the past, but only he can dream and weep at the same time.

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