Southwest Airlines Growth Challenges Case Study Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:35:19
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1. Southwest add value by including their concept of fun flying to their services. Airlines around the world are almost the same, but Southwest has a different approach – wherein its employees are the focal point of their marketing schemes.
2. The competitive priorities of Southwest mainly revolve on their low cost structures and their employees. Superb management skills have become a core of their business. Such priorities made them different from any airline because of their capability to give pleasure to their passengers, their diverse culture, and their efforts of serving their customers as their top priority.
3. Southwest is committed to serving every traveller. Potential travellers via the aforementioned airline can feel like they are inside a comedy bar with a friendly atmosphere. Potential travellers can also get their money’s worth.
4. Herb Kelleher focused on eliminating unnecessary services, utilizing secondary airports, and improving customer-employee relationship. Utilizing secondary airports resulted into efficiency while flying longer miles than competitors did.
5. Being comedic is how they benefit and how they profit, so the suggestions of Southwest totally eradicating their humorous approach are nonsense. Some travellers love to catch fun, so the airline service sees the way of putting a smile on every face as a responsibility.
6. I think that Southwest is missing on easy money by not charging their customers for extra luggage. Southwest should begin charging extra fees to their customers with luggage, not only for company revenues, but for safety reasons as well. The safety of airline travellers should always be a priority, as because an airplane is much difficult to navigate if it is heavier.
7. The current success of Southwest airlines is a result of everyone working cooperatively. Everyone in the organization did a great job in supporting the company’s ideals and long-term plans. A brilliant idea will never turn into a success if there is no sign of help from other people involved.
8. Many things will turn out into a test for Southwest to overcome. Global recession has just ended. The Southwest showed that they aren’t strangers in turning cost-cutting measures into profits. So it is quite interesting to see how they can increase their revenues exponentially. With their frisky image, some of their customers might not take them seriously as a airline. Therefore, showing a bit of professionalism and seriousness is necessary.
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