Some Moral Minima Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-06-22 00:27:19
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Arguably, Lenn Goodman asserts that some things in life that are just wrong. In “some Moral Minima”, I believe Goodman Lenn has some truth when he says that certain things in the globe are simply wrong. Perhaps, based on human nature, Goodman is absolutely right when he terms some things as simply wrong, these include terrorism, genocide, murder, slavery, rape, incest as well as polygamy. As a matter of fact, this issues go against the freedom and rights of human beings. Killing in by itself wrong, either on moral or legal grounds. There are things in life that does not need to be justified to be wrong, they are just wrong. Despite the state of selfless that human beings may have, people need to understand and appreciate the importance of tolerance, as well as the importance of cultural accommodation.
Undeniably, the things that Goodman Lenn term as simply wrong are characterized by lack of respect for life, disrespect to truth, acceptance of adultery, as well as support of theft. In fact, human beings in most cases place judgments on issues that they do not understand. This should not be the case, individuals need to judge issues that they understand and be accurate in analyzing what is morally right (Goodman, 2010 pp87-88).. To some extent, the society have given credit and honor to some people than others, I believe Goodman Lenn is right in claiming that other things are just wrong. I believe that individual’s in society should enjoy equal right and treatment to live and enjoy their own life. On the other hand, violators of people’s freedom have no right to consign inhumane acts.
Perhaps, we have no right to judge others; moreover, others have no right to hurt others emotionally, physically and socially. In a just society, individuals are entitled to their opinions, rights and freedom. Our diversity and cultural difference are there to stay, but this does not make us view wrong things as been right. Basically, Goodman is right because what is wrong will always be wrong regardless of our cultural diversity and origin. For example, it is entrenched in traditional beliefs and customs of all cultures that political famine and genocide are absolutely wrong, Undeniably, it is much easier to control and manage a peaceful community as compared to one that is full of hatred and fear (Goodman, 2010 pp88-89).
Apart from cultural and legal regulations, human consent is always right in differentiating between right and wrong. In fact, consent is a very important marker, but it is neither sufficient nor necessary to legitimacy. Our consent should tell us that genocide is wrong. In general perspective, genocide is one form of murder, and murder simply denies human beings right to live (Goodman, 2010 p89). This is actually wrong; therefore, Goodman Lenn is right. Genocide main goal is to eliminate people from a certain class, race, or culture. The most famous catalyst to genocide is racial prejudice, of which it dehumanizes the victims.
In the contemporary world, terrorism is among the leading threats to human life. According to Goodman, terrorism is wrong as it targets innocent victims for various unjustified reasons. Terrorism utilizes young people in executing their atrocities. Slavery is also one of the wrong things Goodman elaborated. Slavery make human beings be tools; therefore, those used as slaves undertake their activities without their will. Slaves subordinate their own activities, hopes and interests. Today, slaves are both male and female with all ages; the most felt form of slavery is human trafficking. Additionally, polygamy is wrong because it compromises women goals, morality, and humanity.
Indubitably, morality and relativism has become a contentious issue among many scholars. Goodman describes various activities that are irrefutably wrong, and in each case, he states the position he takes. In most part of his analysis, I believe he is right in some arguments. Relativism is a state in which individual beliefs on various issues are conditioned by the community and culture (Goodman, 2010 p87). Cultural diversity makes it difficult to be absolute on relativism. In some culture, infidelity could be a norm, and is considered wrong, while in some it is viewed as a normal behavior that entails share companions. The complexities of this issues may in most cases lead to relativism, and it needs much understanding.
Relativism may lead to a state of conflict. According to relativists, understanding of cultural diversity and tolerance could be the best solution for this conflicts. According to Goodman Lenn, there are various things in society that we should not be comfortable with, nor accept them. These things are detrimental to society and life, but it is absolutely wrong to eliminate people. In countries such as Somalia, famine is the main strategy of punishing those who do not adhere to various conditions. In most situations, decisions used by leaders and political groups are relativism. They believe that their choices are always moral and the right way of dealing with conflicts. Goodman challenges on relativism are that justification of right or wrong is not always absolute. The right and wrong things are relative to the biological makeup, language as well as culture (Goodman, 2010 p89).
Moral issues and believes are also very complex. Therefore, the believe that some moral requirements are universal could be very challenging. Due to diversity and globalization, I do not believe in the universality of moral requirements. Morality issues differ in various regions depending on cultural norms, values and beliefs. Perhaps, what is immoral in one region of the world could be moral in another culture. Compromises take place in the community, but not all compromised issues are tolerable or praiseworthy.
Goodman, L. (2010). Some Moral Minima. Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania University Press.

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