Research Proposal On The Use Of Social Networks By Managers To Achieve Business Standards

Published: 2021-06-22 00:49:16
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Capturing space in social media is a easy task, difficulty lies in capturing customer mindsets and their moulding their viewpoints about your business or product using the social media. Social Media has given a great opportunity to businesses but collecting distinct target groups under one roof who are open to any sort of communication and explore new things.
In this era of Information Technology dominance, social networking is a great opportunity. Social media is not just a way to meet friends, but to meet potential business associates also and thus expand the business without spending much. You can build a business from scratch, meet unexpected collaborators, finding talent and for viral marketing of your business. There have been many examples of successful entrepreneurs who have not just build a business but created a global brand using it! Now businesses small or large can easily look world over and find new unexpected business partners and collaborator.
Conceptual Framework, methods and literature for using Social Media:
Social media strategy Framework can be divided into two parts:
1. Engagement
2. Strategy Development.
Although before going for the strategy, you have to learn and understand the social media, use it first hand and train your staff for sustainable and better use of the media, so that they can keep themselves abreast with latest changes and thus keep the brand rolling successfully amongst the target audience.
1. Engagement is about engaging the potential audience to communicate. First of all you have to listen what is said about you and your market, understand the environment. Identify relevant communities and groups that you can target or learn from and then you can uncover the key influencers.
Secondly, you have to engage in conversation with the potential audience, add value to the group and communities you have just entered, identify the influencers in the group and engage with them. And then you can respond positively.
Thirdly, you have to measure the success of your conversation in the social media. You have to set your measures and then measure them. Identify and build upon your success stories
2. Strategy Development: Once you have engaged and are engaged then you can go ahead and make the strategy to gain the business. To develop strategy, firstly you need to prioritize your objectives, you can do it by improving customer engagement, enhancing your brand image. Introducing customer centric innovations by doing so you can attract good quality talent and thus increase your sales.
Secondly, you have to identify opportunities, understand risk, set social media policies, and make everyone in your team, aware of those policies.
Thirdly, you have to start targeting the potential also identify the resources that you will require. Set time bound goals and also link all this to your regular, offline marketing plan and starategy.
Questions for research:
1. Does your product or service is social media friendly?
2. Does your target group mature enough to buy products after your communication through social platform?
3. Does you have enough resources to stay unaffected by unyielding phase while doing business though social media?
In order to be successful with social media strategy, you have to develop a good team. A team that is passionate about social media and the one that has capabilities to produce champions. You need to identify them amongst you and train them for development. You also need to develop a culture of victory and communication around your team so that they just develop it in them to communicate positively and effectively over this wonderful communication platform.
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