Reasons For Graduate Study Admission Essay

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:24
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A graduate school is a school which offers advance academic degree, towards such as master degree and Doctorate. One of the requirements for one to join a graduate school is that the student must have attained a bachelor degree. Graduate school is often chosen by many students due to professional advancement and intellectual curiosity (Randall, 102). However, some careers like medicine, engineering and law require more knowledge beyond bachelor degree hence can force someone to go to graduate school. The following are some of the reasons as to why I decided to join a graduate school, what I want to do with my degree and why I chose to have my graduate degree at Lorenz University.
A decision to have a graduate degree should not be taken lightly as it involves much commitment of money and time. One has to face several years of hard work and research which means that graduate degree is much more demanding than undergraduate program. I attained my Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and passed with high-grade points of 3.2/4. I believe that my grades prove that I am an intelligent student who can handle graduate research program. Some of the reasons as to why I considered taking a graduate degree in research program is because have participated in carrying out some demanding projects at the Office of Housing and Residence Life as assistance. I believe I have gained some good experience from the project thus a graduate class will be of great importance in improving my skills in dealing with projects as a civil engineer. I have skills on leadership and management which I got when I was managing undergraduate students in the University Hall. All these experiences have reinforced my decision of joining a graduate school.
Graduate studies will help me know more about my career of being an engineer and manager and this is one of the reasons as to why I consider taking graduate degree. This will enable me reach my goals due to adequate knowledge. Knowing more about my career goal will help me in avoiding wastage of money and time when I finally attain my vision. Another reason as to why I am going to graduate school is to allow me earn more wages at work. Most advanced degrees holders receive better salaries than the bachelor’s degree holders due to difference in their education levels (Randall, 103). Having a graduate degree will enable me earn more money which I can use to open up a business.
The world we are living in today is so competitive and the marketability of an individual in such an environment depends on the level of education of the respective individual. Another factor that has provoked me to join graduate school is the competitive nature of the world. I want to be more marketable for my career advancement. Attending graduate classes will enable me to adapt to the current job standards in the market, hence giving me a greater chance of getting a better-paying job. Evaluating research done during graduate classes will enable me to adapt to the current standards in the market when I transfer it to practice. Having advance training will give me more flexibility in the marketplace as I will be able to move to do different jobs within my field of study (Dale, 100). I can also change my entire career, taking with me the strategic skills and knowledge obtained from attending graduate classes. Attending graduate classes will also give me personal satisfaction and confidence on how to handle my business and be an excellent manager.
The choice of where to take a graduate studies is more important than the choice of taking undergraduate studies. The reason as to why I decided to have my graduate classes in another college despite the fact that I have gained so much honor and respect at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University is to get exposed to different faculties. I will also get different resources and perspectives of learning at Lorenz University. All these are meant to broaden my knowledge and experiences within my field of study. Having a change is always good especially when one is taking advance studies (Dale, 99).
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