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Published: 2021-06-22 00:31:34
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The new proposed business is about empowering the women to a new level than the one they are already in. In this case we ask who the next level woman is. She is a woman who always looks ahead and is ready to adjust to what is needed to achieve their goal. For this woman making things happen will not scare them off. Most women will let circumstances such as the economy hold them from making a move to improve their business. Some will let the business fall apart instead of fixing what went wrong that way they will continue to prosper. This major problem is keeping most women from becoming the next level woman and all it takes is changing the way one does business.
Therefore in this new business our aim is to solve this problem for women who desire to go corporate. The new website will be helping the women to know how to create a professional image for themselves. We believe and naturally meant to be leaders and with the right information and knowledge they can be able to transform. Creating a professional image is easier said than done, most of these ladies need a guideline and a mentor to help them pursue their endeavors. The right motivation and empowerment is the recipe to helping women improve their image. The website will help them not only to develop professionally but also personally. How one dresses, acts and talks determines how other people will view you, including those working as professionals. The new website will help the ladies know how to reshape their image and show the power within and the authority one has. This attributes will enable them to earn respect from those around you. Good communication skills will help you to put your points across with skill during meetings, business presentations and others places one would be in the corporate environment.
What steps does a woman need to take to create a professional image for themselves? One of the steps is to know the right dress code to help one to accentuate their look physically. It is one way one can control the opinion of others concerning what they think we can do. In the first 20 seconds of a person meeting you they are able to make judgment about who we are by the way we are dressed. Ones dress code will show their profession, economic background, and the level one is in their company. For instance when a lady wears solid colors it reflects power than when they wear patterned attire. In this case in order to create a professional look that is credible one should dress in a way that makes them accept us and the role we play. To dress in such a manner they should dress according to their body shape. Wearing outfits that suit their body size makes one look amazing and also feel comfortable. When applying make-up one should know their skin color and the colors that make them appear energetic and younger.
Another part of creating a professional image is on the speaking or communication skills. Having the right skills when speaking, writing or in any means of expressing yourself is crucial. The first impression you make as a business person is very important. The manner of speaking face to face or writing will take care of you in any business. The better the means of expressing oneself the better the chances one has. When writing, little things such as grammatical errors can cause so much damage to the impression people may have of you. When creating a good image you want to fit in among the people in the corporate world. To accomplish this one should learn how to speak and write like these persons. When talking always be courteous, respectful and warm. Always let people know that they are appreciated for their time, effort and business.
The other aspect considered when creating a professional image is the manner in which one acts. Their actions tell multiple of things about them, ones attitude could make or break you. Ones actions when dealing with clients, suppliers, associates, other persons in business reflects so much on ones image professionally. Being honest with associates and clients helps you to earn trust from them. They will establish a long relationship with the business. Included in this is delivering more than they expect you to. Listen to them when they have a problem and attend to the problem. If they do not like or are not satisfied with the service apologize with a smile and give a complimentary for the error done (Mangum, 2007).
Our main customers are what are termed as career women. A career woman is one who works to earn a living; they like to remain independent by having a career. Most career women seek to come out of the confines of the house and become independent. They also believe in themselves, their skills, strengths and economic capability. To the career woman these things are what help them to attain the freedom they are seeking. She is smart, ambitious, passionate and committed.
These smart ladies are the reason why we as a business want to exist that way we will be able to help you in the many challenges you face. Some of the challenges the women face include lack of support at home from their family. For most married career women their husbands seldom help them with the domestic work. In the ling run you see most quitting their careers to be stay home mums. Sexual harassment is another major challenge they face at their work place. Some ladies are asked to give favors in exchange for a promotion or a good business deal to be completed. For those who decline demotion or being fired or not getting the deal is the price they have to pay. Another way is by having the male workers demean them through language, pictures and actions. Gender inequality continues to affect most career women up until the 21st century. You find that a man in a position will gat more pay than a woman in the same position. Also for a woman to earn a promotion it takes extra hard work to prove you are worth the position at stake.
Despite the challenges most women nowadays know that being independent is the way to go. They are continually increasing their level of competence and want nothing but to achieve the best. As a business where do we come in? Our role is to continue to empower these ladies, that way those are in the game can learn more on how to increase competence and the new ones can learn to play the game.
Our business being online will be more of informative and we will provide more of services than tangible goods. Our aim is to enable women to achieve more in their careers and break through in their lives. Our services will be there to support the women and their jobs. We will provide career strategy, tools, resources, leadership goals and a way to balance their work and their life. For the women who are pursuing establishing their own business then we also have what they need to feel empowered. When one starts a business their aim is to make it and to make big sums of money. Out there are resources they can find that will tell them how to start a business but very few give you a guideline on how to do it and take it to a new level. This is a website for smart women who recognize they need guidance, support and help in their careers and businesses.
Our services will be offered in three program options; the hourly program, the three month program and the one year program. The one hour is for the lady who just needs a little encouragement to reinforce the morale they already have. This type of lady is stable and knows her priorities. The program for three months is more intensive and suits well a woman who is need of fast solutions. Finally the one year program is for the woman who needs a long term program, where they get to learn new skills and how to implement them. Most women who start businesses get to a point where they get stuck a little past the stating point. With our company we will teach you how to work on your new business. Give you the strategies, techniques and how to implement them so as to create a successful business. Our objective is not to teach you to work harder but to work smarter; not just survive the economy but to thrive. For the ladies who are employed and would love to break the glass ceiling and raise to higher levels the following services will be offered. Our aim is to train them on how to overcome challenges at their work place. We shall train them to take charge over their life at work. They can achieve this by firstly having a list of the companies that are women then choose the best out of them.
The services offered include a call each week for forty minutes to check your progress. Monthly groups call, an educational call with an expert every month, weekly tasks to carry out in your business, being assigned with a partner who will be accountable for you, private discussion that is protected by a password, email support that is unlimited, an audio library of individual, group or special calls. These special services will be helpful for those who are seeking to be or already are entrepreneurs. Our focus will be on restructuring the business model; by reviewing our core values, mission, vision, and the position of enterprise. Review the revenue, pricing strategy and profits earned. Develop new marketing strategies, rebranding, how to attract clients and retaining them. Networking and smart partnerships, staffing, outsourcing, expansion and operations management are also part of the advices given.
Effective planning of the programs and proper time management are also vital to create a competitive business. The business will be new in the market and so there is need to establish it first. According to Comm and Hansen (2010), some steps should be taken to establish an effective online business (p.90). The initial step is to select a domain name for the business. In this case our proposed name is www. Empower professional woman .com. Afterwards register the company using the name established. Finding a web host is the next step after the company is registered. The web host must be reliable and should have quality support for the customer. It should not have adverts popping out as the customer is being attended to. Thirdly design the website itself; it should be neat and attractive to the eye of the client.
Giving our contact details in the web host for the customers to be able to contact us is important. Promote the website using business cards, flyers posted on the net and also on the media. Provide a customer friendly catalogue and inform them on the privacy policies we have and ensure them of privacy of the sessions we have. Get recognized by not advertising via spam adverts that are annoying to the clients; also recognition due to our brand and logo. If a client visits our site we will ensure to deliver even more than we promise to. Get a lot of visitors to visit our web address this is good for exposure and also for attracting customers. Finally management of the business is the way to take the business to the next level. Add new services like maybe funding or giving scholarships for the training programs. Some measures for taking the business to the next level is by having increased system efficiency that way we are easy to connect with, increased flexibility so that we can serve our clients better and to hire highly skilled staff.
Other ways to move the business to the next level is by focusing on the goal. Keep the company organized so as to know what we are doing and when we are doing them. Using all the tools we have to promote our business. The tools mentioned above like the professional trainers are essential to have a customer base. Using them efficiently will maintain a good relation with the clients. Go outsourcing to find new ways of doing things especially new business trends. That way all our clients remain at per with the current happenings. Aim to give the best assistance to our clients to ensure that we retain them and they will recommend us to others.
One of the ways of empowering women is by encouraging them to move to entrepreneurship or to break the glass ceiling by excelling in their jobs. One of the starting points is by knowing how to create a good professional image. That is created by having the right communication skills, the right attitude and also wearing the right clothes and proper accessories for the clothes. Our company is going to focus on this area; in fact once we have a client it is going to be our starting point. The process of becoming a professional is one of growth where one moves from stage to stage.
According to White (2011), after the proper skills are acquired to build a great professional image the next step is to learn how to handle other people at the workplace (p.25). Having the right human resource relations, the type of networks on retains and friendships. Making new friends and keeping in touch withhold ones is one way to take a professional lady to the next level. For any career to advance human resource networking is needed. It ensures that one learns due to the spread of the ideas, views and practices amongst the people. It helps one to increase the pool of friends including those who hold senior positions.
Career tips are also a way of advancing ones career. Some tips that can be adopted include mastering the technology. Mastering the technology on the field that one is in will ensure one positions themselves at an advantage. Another career tip is improving the communication skills one possesses. As much as the technical knowledge makes you stand out as a manager or potential manager it is the communication that will enable you to be successful in your career. One other way is by seeking leadership roles; this will show the management that you are up for the task. Seek out leadership positions in unions at your workplace it will give an impression that you are ready to handle a managerial position.
Connection with the employers and the job will ensure you are familiar with the two influential components of the advancements. Connecting with the employer ensures that one has the required information on what the employer looks for. You learn what appeals to them and what does not. How to connect with the employer is easy. Firstly perform beyond their expectation. Arrive to work earlier and leave later by maybe five minutes before the boss arrives and five minutes after he has left. He will always assume you were there for longer. Pick the higher profiled assignments and find legitimate reason to meet with the boss. After work you can make a personal connection with the boss during non work activities and inquire about his wellbeing. Appear to be human to the boss you can maybe inquire from him an opinion on a personal matter. This simple tactics will make sure the boss will recognize you and the result is breaking the glass ceiling.
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