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Published: 2021-06-22 00:47:00
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Studying Philosophy of Communication has been of great importance to my life. My communication skills have been enhanced and updated. My interpersonal communication skills have been sharpened and I can now interact creatively and interpretively with the society. It has equipped me with effective communications skills that allow me to care and interact with my family and the society effectively. Studying Philosophy of Communication has provided me the opportunity of learning new and efficient techniques of solving problems. In addition, I have acquired communication skills that will assist me to address various human issues.
Philosophy of Communication provides students with communication skills that enable them to effectively communicate their ideas, opinions, fears and beliefs without any problem. Studying Philosophy of Communication has made a better person (Pat 2007). There is a difference on how I used to interact with my family members and how I currently interact with them. As a wife and mother of a 20 month old son, I am able to effectively communicate with both my husband and son at ease.
Since the needs and interest of my son and husband are different, I communicate with them differently. I use the concepts of well known philosophers and proven ideology of communication, to nurture my son in a desired manner. I speak with my son politely not to invoke him. From philosophy of communication, I learned that how a child grows up determine his or her personality. Hence speaking with a child harshly or rudely can influence a child to be rude in the future.
On the other hand, my husband is a businessman. In order to communicate with him effectively I first familiarized with the concepts, terminology and ideas of business so as to be able to communicate with him effectively. The Philosophy of Communication states that, a person cannot communicate with another person or group if he or she does not have an idea of the other person’s profession (Pat 2007). This philosophical concept motivated me to learn and understand business concept so as to familiarize with my husband profession. As a result, I currently communicate with my husband effectively; we speak in business term. I also take that opportunity to motivate and encourage my husband to continue with his business activities.
Apart from my husband and son, I also reside with my two step daughters’ age 8 and 12 years respectively. The way I interact with them is totally different from the way I interact with my husband and son. As young teens, they have to be guided in a commanding and persuasive way. I guide them through the activities they undertake. I ensure the types of clothes they wear and buy are presentable to the society.
Apart from acquiring effective communication skills, Philosophy of Communication also enables students to be critical thinkers (Pat 2007). It has enabled me to solve family problems effectively without offending anybody. For instance when my two step daughters quarrel with each other, I don’t just punish them anyhow as I used to do, I first inquire the source of the problem. In addition, Philosophy of Communication provide student with ethical skills of communication. Nowadays I communicate with people in a polite and soft manner thanks to the ethical communication skills I have acquired in my studies.
The Philosophy of Communication equips students with effective communications skills that improve the standards of communication. Learning the concepts and ideology of great philosophers, increase the thinking capacity of students. Students are also provided with ethically and problem solving techniques of communication that enables them interact with the society effectively.
Pat Arneson, (February 1, 2007), Perspective on Philosophy of Communication (Philosophy/Communication)

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