Personal Statement On Pharmaceutical Studies

Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:26
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My ability to pursue a degree course in pharmaceutical studies was, unfortunately, made difficult since neither of the two universities in my home country offered study courses in that field. However, my relocation from Africa to the United States of America in 2009 with my husband, has afforded me a wonderful new opportunity. I now have the potential to pursue my studies and become a pharmacist. Less than two months after my arrival in the U.S., I started my education at the local community college. I set my mind on Pre-Pharmacy and focused on the prerequisite courses for admission into a Pharmacy program. I demonstrated my love, passion and enthusiasm for the sciences, reflected by the excellent grades I obtained in biology, chemistry, human anatomy, mathematics and physics. By determined effort, I developed the necessary math and sciences skills that are essential attributes for a successful pharmacy student.
In the fall 2011 semester, one of my chemistry teachers had noticed my commitment and dedication and advised me to apply for the National Institute of Health Bridge program. I was selected as the best candidate for the program and was assigned to an academic research program at Towson University. I worked as a research assistant in the Department of Biological Science and was as a consequence exposed to numerous laboratory techniques such as: Polymerase Chain Reaction, Fragment Analysis, Beckman Coulter, DNA Isolation and Extraction, in line with research focuses on Plant Systematics.
A few years ago, prior to coming to the United States of America, and while taking advantage of the booming mobile phone industry in my home country, I started my own business in the redistribution of calling cards and calling credits for mobile users. That activity helped me develop some great interpersonal skills and entrepreneurial abilities. From that business experience, I learned to perfect customer service skills and general management skills, which are valuable assets in retail pharmacy. As a result I am better prepared to manage the distribution and utilization of medical products.
I am a Certified Nursing Assistant and have been employed on a part-time basis in that capacity with Group Homes for two years. My responsibilities included taking care of mentally-challenged patients, along with people in critical medical conditions. That experience prepared me to willingly provide caring assistance to patients. I believe this to be another asset for a career in pharmacy.
In addition to the Pharm. D degree, I aim to obtain a PhD degree in pharmaceutical science, so that I can embark on pharmaceuticals research to help find cures for the challenging health issues that exist today.
I am highly motivated to pursue my education in pharmacy and achieve my dreams of getting involved with medical research, in order to make a significant contribution to people’s wellness. I have always been fascinated by the scientific issues since I was a small child in that developing country in Africa.

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