Personal Characteristics Admission Essay

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:29
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The Admissions and Standards Committee reviews applications from many applicants with strong academic backgrounds and experiences. However, when recruiting people for a given position or duty, it is mandatory that a number of personal characteristics are taken into consideration. It is therefore necessary to combine both the academic and professional qualifications together with the personal attributes of an individual. Every person has a number of outstanding characteristics that are worth considering when recruiting the person for a given exercise or duty.
There are a number of personal characteristics which outland in me and make me an outstanding individual. These characteristics include self-principled, disciplined, hardworking, real, and outrageous. Although I may have a number of weaknesses, I strongly believe that my strengths outdo these weaknesses. One important thing about me is that am an ambitious person who truly loves to live a life full of happiness and the best of achievements. I always make sure I do everything to fullness and by so doing ensure I accomplish an excellent balance. I also make sure I balance my relationships, knowledge, career, and my continued contribution to the society. I always believe that all people should live their life to the fullest. As an individual, I have strong personality of managing to strike a clean synergistic balance amidst all the major aspects of human life.
I also make sure I address the most important things first because they will bring forth much fruit. I also make sure I learn easily from people and emulate what can be great importance to my life and bring forth the greatest achievements. The best observer will learn the best things which can help him realize the greatest of goals in life.
I am also focus on everything I have to address. This is a great quality that has taken me this far. I always make sure I consider all issues whenever attempting to address something. I consider the benefits that can be realized in place as well as the weaknesses and evaluate the two before making the final decision. Another thing about me is that I always make sure I keep my goals high. Life is all about achieving our goals in a timely manner. I also make sure I do not stop until I have realized my goals within the anticipated time period.
Another strong personality at my disposal is influencing others. I strongly believe in teamwork and sharing of responsibilities. In whatever organizational duty I have to accomplish, I always make sure I influence others towards this duty. This makes it possible to achieve the goals in a timely manner for the benefit of the organization. Sometimes I may decide to influence those people who are not even in my team. Basically, my personal approach is to make sure I think and focus on how to achieve my desired position or destination. Should I fail, that should not be the end of everything; instead I get warmed up to achieve a higher ideal. Of late, my dream is to make sure I appreciate my goals and also the path to the same goals. Today I believe in achieving with I want by aligning all tools and mechanisms towards my dreams and aspirations. This is what every employer should be keen on if he wants the company to achieve its goals within the specified time period. I am confident in my personal characteristics and abilities, and all I need is the chance to prove myself. I’m kindly hoping for a positive response, thank you and in advance.

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