Hardware Specification Case Study Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:32:32
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Hardware specifications
The user category in this case is a nurse and therefore will require minimal hardware and software applications. The system that is being deployed is an online system, which will make use of a virtual server, which is located in the ISP offices. The server is expected to have the website that Fred will be using to manage schedules. The computer that will be used by Fred will be used for simple processes like financial management, word processing and Internet surfing. It therefore means that the computer will need moderate specifications.
There will be the need to purchase most of the application software. It would be recommended that Fred uses online word processors like the one provided by Google but it will not be reliable because they have minimal features. It will therefore call for installation of full versions of the applications. Security will also be a point of concern. Since most data will be stored in a dynamic website, which is hosted in another location, there will be a need to have adequate security. The recommended security here will be the use of 128-bit encryption key. The key will be held by Fred himself; this will therefore mean that of the key is lost, sp is the data lost. The key will serve as a protection for data when they are transmitted to the server and their storage there.
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