Organization Behavior Case Study

Published: 2021-06-22 00:34:36
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1. Case Study Analysis
Sale of real estate properties requires employees to seal the deal with their clients as early as possible. Multiple sales people in this field have been using psychological tricks on their clients to increase their chances of a sale. Managers encourage sales people to use these tricks but to remain within the legal framework of selling real estate properties. New employees upon receiving trainings on how to play with the psychology of clients have to decide whether to employ them in increasing their sales or not. The employees who do not induce psychological tricks do not make huge sales compared to their counterparts, therefore reducing their chances of maintaining their employment.
2. Case Problem
The case problem deals with motivational factors towards the clients so as to make sales as quick as possible. The job requires using tricks like making calls in pretense a property is getting multiple enquiries. The sales person is supposed to display emotions that will make the client feel the property is getting multiple prospects. In this situation the sales person present the chances of availability of the property as minimal while actually the property is still available with fewer enquiries. Some sales people come under stress in making ethical decisions whether to use psychological tricks to ensure they make quick sales or to use the right channel in selling the property. Employees who do not use sales trick come under pressure from the organizational heads because of the dismal performance in their sales record which makes them vulnerable to lose their job. The need to maintain a job makes the employees use the motivational tricks which are against their ethical standing in order to improve their sales.
3. Why is the problem Important?
Orientation of new employees within the organization on how things should be done is an important task. Job orientation should provide motivation to employees on the way to carry out their job in a legal manner without breaking the laws. Some organization behaviors during orientation can bring emotional stress to new employees because they contradict their ethical standing in the society. This behavior may lead some employees to have a feeling that they are not part of the bigger community of the organization. Such employees will have problems in making independent decisions based on the behaviors of the organization which are against their ethical principles.
Dissatisfaction of employees on the way the organization is carrying out its activities can lead to defiance and less productivity among the workers. Productivity reduction can be in the form of making fewer sales because they feel less motivated. Defiance can be where employees try to use their own methods of making sales or doing something rather than what is expected within the organization.
4. Who are affected by this problem?
The problem affects the sales people within the organization. It might eventually lead to arguments between the employees and managers on ways certain things should be done within the organization. This places independent thinking employees at a vulnerable position to lose their jobs because of registering poor performances. Consequently they get stressed as they strive to match their counterparts who are following the organization behaviors.
5. Theory
The section covers the models in the following ways:
a) Orientation towards the use of psychological tricks in making a sale is explained using the supportive model
b) Through the example used of non-motivated employees.
5. a. Supportive model
The supportive model dictates that workers should be oriented towards performance in the organization to gain recognition (Miner 275). Employees who perform well in terms of making many sales will gain recognition within the organization. The sales people within the organization are oriented towards how they can make quick sales to unwilling sellers. Some of the methods encouraged are making phone calls that will display that the property is receiving multiple enquiries. Some employees believe this to be unethical reducing their chances of gaining recognition based on their good performance.
5. b. Non-motivated Employees
The non-motivated employees within the organization can have a negative effect on the number of sales an organization is making. The use of psychological tricks towards customers makes them feel that the organization is using unacceptable sales tricks. Such non-motivated employees will always act against the will of the organization leading to need of developing sales method that they feel comfortable with.
Organizations have a social responsibility of not forcing their employees into doing what they feel is unethical while carrying out their duties.
Recommendations based on Supportive model
The supportive model encourages managers to provide leadership to employees in ways to improve their sales. The following recommendations should be taken into consideration:
1. Managers in this model are not tied to one method of encouraging sales and so should always provide an alternative to employees. They only need to ensure that the alternatives are legal methods in encouraging sales.
2. The manager should develop means that employee’s status is improved by listening to them. The listening will include noting and taking action on their feedback on problems they are facing or having with the organization behavior. This will have allowed the organization to discover that Jean was having ethical problems with the sales method used in the organization and provide solutions early enough.
Works Cited
Miner, John. Theories of Organizational behavior. London: M.E. Sharpe, 2005.Print.

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