Multisystemic Treatment Of Serious Clinical Problems In Youths And Their Families Book Review

Published: 2021-06-22 00:30:53
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Multisystemic Treatment summary
The chapter focuses on community interventions in relation to the treatment of various disorders affecting young people. Multisystemic treatment involves a rigorous procedure carried out by the community and families. The procedure is usually aimed at managing and treating severe clinical challenges among young people. Such treatment is usually carried out in a majority of illnesses including the criminal conduct, abuse of drugs, sexual offences, as well as urgent situation psychiatric conditions.
As a consequence of increased problems among communities with regard to the management of various ailments among the youths along with the increased expenses associated with rehabilitation establishments away from home, communities have a big role to play in the rehabilitation of affected youths. The reality that affected youths are members of the society indicates that the society is the main culprit of the consequences of unsociable behavior. Major strides from the society towards treating the unruly youths must as such be made by the society especially in managing the clinical challenges. Such efforts ensure that fewer people are treated away from the glare of the public.
With regard to the foregoing, the author looks at the theoretical and conceptual efforts associated with the family treatments. As regards the theoretical efforts, family structures take the view that the affected youth as part of the larger community. Consequently, the juvenile justice system may also contribute to the societal efforts. The juvenile system efforts may generally be applicable on instances involving complex issues such as the evaluating and detection of clinical dilemma. To this, the chapter provides that the threat factors ought to be identified for a clear diagnosis to be achieved. Through such theoretical efforts the favorable outcomes are achieved (Springer, 2007, pg 316).
Further, the conceptual intervention, the community engages in assumptions which are helpful in crafting proper treatment. Such assumptions according to the chapter consist of the multi-determined character of severe clinical challenges which is a procedure aimed at dealing with the problems in personalized yet comprehensive approach. Another assumptive approach is that caregivers are the key to long term encouraging outcomes. This usually accomplished through persons who have emotional ties to the affected persons. Such emotionally attached persons offer emotional support. Other assumption approaches include evidence integration practices, aggressive services that are aimed at prevailing over barriers, and careful quality assurance procedures.
The chapter further provides information in light of characteristics multisystemic treatment. Such characteristics are provided as flexibility in the procedures involved, effective treatment format, encouraging, and consistent.
In conclusion, the author presents the Multisystemic treatment as a most effective tool in the treatment of clinical problems. To this, the author concludes that the facts presented by this form of treatment are effective as they are evidenced by the already concluded cases. Such cases reveal a decrease in the criminal tendencies within the societies where the treatment has already been established (Springer, 2007, pg 341). This, the author attributes the success of the treatment to the triumphant research and development of literature among various disciplines over a considerable period.
Springer, D., Roberts, A. (2007). Handbook of Forensic Mental Health With Victims and
Offenders: Assessment, Treatment, and Research. New York. Springer Publishing Company, LLC.

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