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Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:26
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Personal Statement: MBA program in Drucker School
“The best way to predict the future is to create it,” Drucker’s wisdoms are deeply philosophical and challenging to the perception of the business. Drucker’s life has inspired me as an ambitious person, who desires to pursue her career in management. In fact, I came across his life after my visiting Drucker School, which marked the beginning of my desire for this institution to be part of my history regarding my career life. Although my major objective during this visit was to enquire on the institution’s programs, I become more interested about business school in CGU and why it is commonly known as Drucker, which is the reason why I started searching for more information about this institution and about Drucker’s. Also, it made a considerable impact in my life, making me to re-evaluate my priorities, in addition to increasing my desire to start my own business in the future. From that moment, I realized that Drucker School will wisely build my knowledge with a strong foundation. This foundation based on the knowledge and distinct disciplines that could be obtained from the brilliant philosophers and professors, who persevered to gain their cognizance from the best business schools. Drucker School has a strong reputation in the Southern California area, which has been built by students who could obtain more personal experience and develop strong relationships with their professors and their classmate. During my visit, I was fascinated by the learning environment of the institution, particularly the small size of classes, individual attention, high quality of the faculty, as well as the interests and research of the professors beside their books. Consequently, I became convinced that Drucker School is the best institution to earn my MBA. This is why, I’m extremely craving to establish my new life at Drucker School of Management, where it follows Drucker’s approaches in business.
Throughout my life I have always been a creative person, who is interested in art. However, when I joined King Abdul Aziz University for my first bachelor’s degree, I chose to study computer science as a way of diversifying my knowledge in order to open new opportunities for me in this world of diversity, to position myself strategically in the job market. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I was interesting in securing a job that would require both my computer knowledge and my talent in art. Fortunately, I was hired as a “web developer” in Arthromedia Advertising Agency in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. From the very beginning of my work in this organization, I demonstrated my desire to learn and to work in graphic design field. Thus, I got an opportunity to work in two fields; as a “web developer”, as well as a “graphic designer”. As a result, I worked on numerous projects within the two fields, all which demonstrated my creativity as a talented designer. Within a period of one year, I got a promotion to a higher position as a “senior graphic designer, which based not only on my talent and my curiosity to improve, it based also on my ability to manage the studio team and delegated responsibilities such as attending crucial meeting and making decisions on the various issues of the clients. After one year of being senior graphic designer, the agency where I was working decided to expand its business by creating a new magazine company under mom to be, I was appointed an “art director” of the magazine, in addition to my position in Arthromedia Agency as a “senior graphic designer”.
After four years of working, I developed a dream of pursuing a master’s degree in the U.S. my dedication to work made me attain recognition thus earning a promotion to be the General Manager of the same company. Nevertheless, I rejected the offer because of my desire to pursue a master’s degree. Therefore, I chose to work on the magazine from the U.S., an idea which my boss approved. That is the reason why I am working with the company despite the distance.
The job Promotion offer to be a General Manager despite the fact that I had no Management degree, gave me a challenge to pursue masters’ in MBA. I believe that, a MBA degree from a prestigious school like Drucker will positively shape my career. This will make me an outstanding and a creative Director in the advertising industry. Consequently, this will enable me start my own company. Studying at Drucker will make it a reality because of its exceptional and competitive MBA degree. The 60 management study units offered at Drucker meets the demand of the current global business environment. The degree program will expand my critical thinking and analysis skills and hence sharpen my decision making skills. Above and beyond, Drucker program allows its students make choices concerning their area of concentration depending on their desired career path. In view of that, I have resolved to concentrate on marketing, for the reason that it will help me in starting my business.
I assure MBA faculty that I will be a significant contribution to Drucker School, more especially to my fellow student fraternity. Based on my university life and work experience, I have come to learn the essential meaning of leading team. Particularly, I have learned the major roles of a leader, the most significant being facilitating better group association, problem solving, as well as embracing other team members and having sympathy for them. On the other hand, I have learned that, leader should be very assertive and strict on deadlines, and work management. In addition to the above leadership skills, also have the curiosity of learning everything, I am honest, and generous, which are important skills to guide me to reach higher levels of professionalism, and this has been part of my life. I believe these attributes will create a significant impact on the lifestyle of my fellow students in the course of our studies.
The other contribution that I will make in Drucker School is associated with my computer skills. I have wide knowledge in computer programming, which could help my classmates in their projects. Particularly, I am an expert in office software, programming languages such C
and Visual, web software such as PHP and ASP, and designing software such as Adobe. Thus, my computer skills could be beneficial for other students who may need to learn computer knowledge. The other contribution I am likely to make is instilling a sense of confidence in my fellow students. While working, I was lucky to undertake various fieldworks, which entailed dealing with different clients. Through my fieldwork experience, I have gained confidence in my work as well as dealing with stress. Thus, I believe that I will be an exemplary student, who other students will try to emulate during their school life in the institution. It is my hope that all these attributes will make a huge difference among my fellow students. Therefore, I assure the MBA faculty that accepting my application to join Drucker School will not be in vain, as I will
The expertise and research of Professor Jenny Darroch in marketing and branding has impressed me. I have a desire of benefiting from her experience in marketing. I give her an assurance that I will potray my creativity and rich experience in understanding both the marketing and the client’s needs. Significantly, I have played a key role a number of big events both profit and nonprofit organized Saudi Arabia’s biggest companies. For example, I played an essential role in a charity event for the breast cancer awareness charity. The advertising campaign involved designing and coming up with new ideas that would attract people. In the campaign I took care of everything starting from the flyers, posters, sign boards, gifts such as pens and USBs, T-shirts and booklets. In addition I sold number of products including mugs, iPod and iPhone covers, during the campaign.I give an assurance that, by accepting my application, you will give me a chance to gain experience and expertise in handling the complicated and challenging Saudi market and so share with the others.
As mentioned above, it is be strong believe that Drucker School is one of the leading universities in the United States offering a conducive environment, best for my MBA learning program. Consequently, I also believe that at the end of my MBA program in Drucker School, there are high chances that I will be among the view successive women in Saudi Arabia. It is very rare to find a successive business woman in Saudi Arabia, but with the excellent management skills as well as other business skills that I will attain in Drucker School, my success in this ambition will create a fabulous reputation in my country. In addition, in a country where only five best business schools are available, graduating from Drucker School will be a great honor and will make a big difference among the Saudis who believe in these five schools only. Besides that, there are rare advertising agencies in our society and by my power in strategic thinking and managing, and my creativity in marketing that I will achieve from Drucker School, I will master the tops locally; and I hope and believe that it will be internationally not only because I deeply believe in myself, but also I energetically have the faith in Drucker School that they will intensely provide me with the most beneficial knowledge.
I will hold to my desire to get acceptance to join Drucker School and do my best to increase my chance to challenge the other candidates, because I believe “Trying to predict the future is like trying to drive down a country road at night with no lights while looking out the back window” (Drucker).

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