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Published: 2021-06-22 00:30:51
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The book Levittown by David Kushner narrates of the dark side of the American history. The book mainly illuminates the racial discrimination that was much evident in the United States of America in the 1950’s (Kushner, 12). Trying to review the American history in broad, it is believed that the Africans who were captured as slaves were sold in the United States to work as slaves in the large plantations. After the war had ended and the blacks in the American soil had increased in number, the Africans started to demand for an equal treatment as the whites. This caused even more discrimination and the Africans were moved to the less productive areas.
In the text, Kushner uses two families one Jewish and another black as the key role players to show how racism was highly evident in the areas of Pennsylvania and Maryland (Kushner, 25). The author vividly explains how the life there in the suburbs is unfair. The Levitts who are Jews appear to be in more trouble and using these two families, he illuminates the little known civic rights of the citizens.
The story brings into scene a Jewish family that appears to oppose the discrimination since it is friendly even to the secluded African-Americans. The two families the Myers and the Wechsler appear to be all opposed to this thing though it had been legitimized by Franklin Delano. The Wechslers arrange for the Myers to buy a new house and by the time the Myers move into the new house, the story had spread all over to a point that even government officials had come to witness the event not for any good but to learn under which circumstances had the Myers got the house (Kushner, 36).
A vigorous war for civil rights ensued and the revolts became more frequent. This led even to fear and revolt of the blacks to some of the laws that they found oppressive to them. Some of the students in learning institutions joined in the revolt making it an issue larger than the government had viewed it. In due course, the author shows some of the lethal effects of discrimination by illustrating how it led to violence. The civil rights of the African-Americans were at last promised and this is shown in the last chapter of the book.
In conclusion, due to the evident battle and opposition of the natives of Levittown to racial discrimination, this place was nicknamed the racial background (Kushner, 128). The blurb of this text gives a thrilling tale of the people who are determined to beyond all limits to ensure that they have equal rights without being judged by the vice of the skin color. This can be claimed to be a direct illustration of the famous speech of Martin Luther king junior on discrimination by the skin color.
Looking at the author himself, it is clear that he has a wide exposure in the American history. He has also written several books among them the wired which all reflects to the American history. He appears to relate all his books to racism which was much evident in the U.S in those years.
Looking at any new ideas learnt from the book, it is clear that discrimination in the United States was common but any evidence of who were among the first to revolt against the government is not addressed. The likes of Martin Luther King junior are common in the American history and among the activists who courageously fought racial discrimination but the masses of people involved are not addressed. This can be said to be due to some security reasons and the reasons of enhancing peace and harmony in America.
The book appears to challenge some civic rights mainly those that caused racial discrimination. An example is the step illustrated by the black family to purchase a home that was built for occupancy by the whites only. This was even legalized and it drew even corporate bodies’ attention showing that the government had legalized this discrimination.
The book also supports the people’s fight for their civic rights. It clearly narrates all the major events from the beginning of the war against discrimination to a positive promise for a revision of the civic rights shedding a ray of hope to equal treatment by the law without minding the skin color.
For clarity on what truly happened in Levittown, I can confidently recommend anybody interested to use the text. This is because the book is not biased and I believe that the contents of the book show some sought of American evolution into what it is today. Moreover, the book also gives an account of a daring event and is good for a person interested in reading adventurous works. The book also serves as an eye opener as to why the current American civil rights are neither biased nor based on a group or place but the content of the character. The reviews and comment on the web blog containing the book review is also high showing that the book generally contains information that is really thrilling.
Analyzing the applicability of the book contents and relevance, the book is as relevant as it was fifty five years ago. This is because there are still some parts of America and other parts in Europe that racial discrimination is still an issue. This can be evidenced by the way some whites treat Africans and call them names. A practical example is when Samuel Eto’o, an African footballer, was assaulted and insulted during a match all because he was an African.
The author’s clarity and relevance is of substantial quality making the book really vivid and updated. This results in the reader’s interest being high and since it is written from an explanatory perspective, it appears really updated and detailed for research work. Considering myself living in that era, I think life would be a living hell. This is mainly because of the modernized and revolutionized perspective about people that I have nurtured. This life has taught me not to judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Another problem would be lack of freedom to associate with whoever I want. This life would be really boring thus would be like hell if not worth not living it.
In conclusion, I can rate the book to be 90% relevant on some contemporary issues. This is mainly because in some parts of the world this trend of racial discrimination is still common. A good example is in the Los Angeles where this book appears to draw some of its contents. Racial discrimination has also taken another form in which people who are not of a certain social class are not supposed to live in certain areas. A good example is the policy governing the population of people in California. Only working class people are allowed to migrate from other countries and settle there. If your intellectual worthiness is not up to the required levels, you cannot reside in this area.
Work cited
1. Kushner, D.2009. Levittown: Two families, one tycoon and the fight for civil rights in the America’s Legendary Suburb. New York. Walker & Company.

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