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Published: 2021-06-22 00:37:14
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One of the most important aspects that one needs to consider while writing a narrative essay is the audience of the essay. The audience must be able to understand the story that is being told by a narrative essay. From the definition provided of a narrative essay, the audience should gain some insight from the narrative essay that has been written. In order to achieve this, a narrative essay needs to be written in an interesting manner that will ensure that the audience is able to read the story with ease. This will also ensure that the audience relates to the story. The key points that I plan to use when writing a narrative essay is to ensure that I can grasp the attention of the reader.
The attention of the reader is important since it ensures that the reader reads the whole essay. In addition, the story should be straightforward. Long introductions should be avoided since they may not grasp the attention of the narrative’s intended audience. The other point that I will consider while writing a narrative essay is that the narrative essay should have a point or a message. The audience should be able to learn something from the narrative. This is mainly because for a narrative essay, I will indicate what I learnt from a particular experience. Lastly, I will use vivid descriptions to describe the experience. This will ensure that the story is clear and easy to grasp.
Response to Daniel’s post:
Daniel’s post is excellent and I agree with wholly with it. I agree that the story to be told is the most important aspect of writing narrative essays. Daniel’s post also examinees a critical element that should be considered while writing a narrative post. This is questioning. It is critical for one to question themselves before writing a narrative essay. This is mainly because this will offer the writer greater insight into how the audience will relate to the story. The tools that have been examined in Daniel’s post are also imperative. Clustering and free writing are critical tools that can be used to ensure that a narrative essay is successful.
Response to Susan’s post:
Susan has also examined critical elements in writing critical essays. I agree that writing an outline is important when it comes to writing a narrative essay. An outline is important since it helps to give the story direction. Outlining also ensures that all critical elements of the story are identified before writing the story. I also find it easier to use outlining as compared to grouping the information to be presented in the story. I also agree that editing and revising are critical elements of writing a narrative essay. Revising and editing will help reduce errors as well as ensuring that the narrative meets all the requirements.

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