Information Systems Course Work Example

Published: 2021-06-22 00:44:25
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Information systems
Trading stocks and futures require close monitoring and valuation of transactions. It requires scrutiny and thoroughness. Any small sign that a stock will gain or lose should be a source of information for the traders. One aspect and feature of an information system that is used for this trade is that it should be efficient and fast. This will enable the readers to execute orders in the shortest time possible. Stock prices keep on shifting using the shortest time possible. These changes should be captured. The information system should capture these changes and reflect the same changes to the traders. Another feature of stock trading is that it should be intelligent so that it can make use of past data to predict the behavior of the stock and the futures. The information system should be data-driven so that any small change in the stock price should make use of the past changes and data and reflect a decision that is likely to happen with the stock. This information system should also be persistent so as to be able to run with utmost reliability because if it fails at any given point, the traders will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. In summary, the information system should be reliable, data-driven, and persistent.
Service oriented architecture is not a new technology per se. my argument is that the technology is just a cheaper and efficient way of making the user pay for the service they want without having to buy the whole product. This is so because of the fact that the users will get what they wanted at the end of the day. This is the same service that they normally get in the traditional computing where the users usually get the service through buying the whole license for the product. In this case, however, the users just pay for the service which they have used for a particular time and nothing more. This is just a simpler way of doing things.
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