Importance Of Product And Process Design Case Study

Published: 2021-06-22 00:32:03
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Importance of product and process design
Lately, almost all companies are burdened to develop their supply chain operations besides their manufacturing operations, considering the increasing significance of establishing the paramount route and supply chain for their produce. Arguably, considering the interdependence with supply chain, process design, and product design, there is complexity in making decisions as there is need for the three factors to be put together to support one another. In this context, product design implies manufacturing products that flourish in and augment a company’s supply chain structural design or plan, (Institute of Textile Technology 2001). Stevensons Garment Dye Company is a good example of how companies integrate the three factors to promote growth.
It is not enough to give customers what they want; companies should be in a position to offer customers what they want using their resources effectively without giving up the service or quality. Therefore, the importance of product and process design is that these factors facilitate production of goods or services that meets the standards desired by customers, (Institute of Textile Technology 2001). These factors also promote proficient use of energy as well as reduction of wastes in production. Thus, success of a company will be guaranteed based on the fact that consumers will support the company’s products on the basis of how they perceive the products.
Reference List
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