Health For Diverse Society Research Proposal Sample

Published: 2021-06-22 00:49:03
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Health for Diverse Society
The research proposal will look at obesity in Canada vs. the U.S., its causes, prevalence, potential strategies, and challenges. Obesity in the last few decades has become a major public health and economic concern global issue because of its prevalence, its rate of spreading, and its link to diverse chronic conditions which include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other types of cancer. Obesity, in Canada vs. the U.S., minimizes the span and the quality of life in countries like U.S. Obesity has placed enormous financial weight on states and individuals, which accounts to 6% of the total allocation to healthcare sector, for instance, in America (Wing, 2000).
The increased knowledge and rising concern for the need for substantial community –based strategies on obesity prevention are revealed by the numerous efforts by governments, international organizations, and the entire media fraternity. Leading researches haves concluded that the untailored pathway driving the rise in the obesity incidences involve communal and environmental dynamics laid unto the fundamental , but reasonably well- structured, behavioral and genetic vulnerability among individuals (Allison,1995). Furthermore, it is evident that there is the growing need to incorporate strategies and programs that will change the significant environmental and community in the direction that supports healthy populace weights (Wing, 2000). This can be articulated through the practice of influencing physical activity and food intake which a key, complex, and dynamic processes.
There have been coherent strategies on models developed by nations to prevent further weight increase in the population and manage its present obesity global issue concern in the U.S. Although there have been reasonable work done to evaluate the effects of obesity, its main determinants, and probable involvement, debate persists on the suitable set of detailed activities that need to be implemented and the anticipated results of the interventions. There is an urgent need to invent a structure, which will automatically describe and direct decision-making in obesity prevention that attaches value to both the shortcomings of accessible facts and integrates other main considerations in decisive action on obesity (Allison, 1995).
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