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Published: 2021-06-22 00:29:24
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More often than not, hate crimes often lead to much suffering for the victims and their families. This was the case after the Tulsa killings as described by Fernandez. The victims’ families felt that the acts were not justified and that the perpetrators needed to face judgment (Fernandez 3). In their moment of grief, they felt that the culprits had targeted helpless, innocent people who might not have been famous, but who were valuable to their families. The killers did not know their victims, and if only they knew who they were, they probably would not have committed the crime. As such, they posit that the hate crimes can be reduced if the people were more united and dissolved the social differences between them.
Fernandez (2) indicates that the three victims in Tulsa were killed just after they had innocently given directions to the killers, not knowing that this would be their last conversations. Probably, as the victims lay on the ground dying, they wondered what their crime was that they should be killed in such a cold-blooded manner. They had no quarrels with anyone, no grudges with anyone and above all, they all seemed to have had a fulfilling evening. They must have wondered what their crimes really were that they deserved to die in such a manner.
Incidences of hate crimes happen more often than people actually imagine. They happen in all the places; schools, social gatherings, in the streets and everywhere there are people. The hate crimes might not necessarily lead to death, but they make the victims feel that they are out of place, that they do not deserve to be where they are a particular time. The crimes have made many lose their self esteem and live desperate lives. For this reason, the justice system should make sure that the perpetrators are served with justice, as this is the only way the crimes can be prevented.
Work Cited
Fernandez, Manny. ‘One Fate in Tulsa for 3 Strangers Familiar with Struggle.’ The New York Times, April 13, 2012. (Attached)

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