Free Research Proposal On Staff Training On HVAC Maintenance

Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:51
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A 600 room resort hotel is a big, luxurious hotel by its description. The customers who come to this kind of places expect to receive quality services. A place which is not affected by extreme weather conditions; cool place that provides serene environment for relaxation is what every customer looks for. With this interest of the customer at heart, the facility manager installs HVAC system. HVAC simply means heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Its installation focuses on good indoor air quality. Maintaining unrestricted air flow is important in a case where the external temperature is either unbearably cold or hot.
HVAC system differs in complexity. It may be a single unit that serves individual rooms or large systems that serves many rooms but controlled from a central point.
In order for the system to work efficiently, there should be good maintenance of the machines. The staff needs to be trained well on the factors that hamper proper performance of the system. Things like: dirt, dust and debris are system’s worst enemies. In training, issues that touches on power consumption by the system, dirt, air poisoning, dust and debris should be included and well explained. This means that the stuff should be trained on how to keep the filters clean and heat exchangers together with coils, free of restrictions. Issues dealing with the filters should be tackled well since the systems will only operate at peak levels when the replacement of filters is done regularly. (Stanford H.W 2010, effective building maintenance)
HVAC maintenance should be done by qualified service technicians. These technicians are well trained and have the required knowledge to install and maintain the system. They are therefore key persons required in the training since they can learn more and at the same time share their knowledge with the rest of the staff. Staffs such as electricians, and those that clean the lobby areas, lawns, garden beds, entrance ways, heaters, and air conditioners should also be included in the training.
It is the duty of the service manager to train the staff. He should therefore serve as the training leader with assistance from other qualified service technicians. He or she can explain about the repairing, fixing, cleaning, maintenance and confirmation that all the resort facilities are working correctly.
- Stanford, H. W. (2010). Effective building maintenance: Protection of capital assets. Lilburn, Ga: Fairmont Press.
- Gupton, G. W. (2002). HVAC controls: Operation & maintenance. Lilburn, GA: Fairmont Press

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