Free Personal Statement On Addresses Your Reasons For Transferring And The Objectives You Hope To Achieve.

Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:36
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Personal Statement
Personal Statement
My choice to transfer to the University of Southern California, is one which I have not taken lightly, and I have done so in the hope that it will improve my chance of both enjoying my university experience, as well as my chances of graduating with a strong qualification under my belt. I have selected to major in Economics primarily, alongside Business and Finance. This is a deliberate selection as they are three areas which, obviously, go hand-in-hand with one another and which will lead to a prosperous career in any number of fields.
My short-term aims that have fuelled this decision are focused entirely on my ability to successfully complete university to a high degree of quality, as well as to enjoy my time there, which I feel I would have a greater chance of at USC; it will give me the full university experience. In the long term, I am keen to undertake subjects which will offer me a broad spectrum of career opportunities and not limit me to only a small number of specific career paths. It is important to me to keep my options open as my chosen career may have altered by the time I complete my degree. Ergo, it makes sense to do something for me to attend university in the normal way and gain both a degree, and an education in life. In electing to major in Economics, alongside Business and Finance, I am essentially giving myself a strong grounding in the area of business, which will lead to a promising career in my future. By transferring to USC, I am ensuring that I can gain the best education for myself as well as enabling myself to experience every aspect of university life, first-hand.
My experience of university, thus far, has felt limited and as if I am only gaining half the life experience. In truth, I have felt ‘left out’ by being an international student, and it is partly this which has encouraged me to make the decision to properly attend the University of Southern California. I suppose in some ways, I have quite romantic ideals about the Californian lifestyle as well as the life led by students, and I would be keen to experience that first hand. I feel as though I need a change in my life too: my home country, whilst beautiful, lacks the opportunities and vast wealth that the United States of America offers and I feel that by aligning myself with the American education system now, this will help me to prosper later in life.
My aims for my career are ambitious, at best, but I have a level of tenacity to match them which, I feel, will enable me to achieve my life goals. One of which is to study at an American university, on American soil, due to its opportunities and life experiences that it has to offer. I feel that by gaining these extra-curricular experiences, as well as academic ones, that I will be giving myself the best possible start to adulthood as I hope that by being away from my home and my family, it will encourage me to grow into an adult.
The bottom line for my decision is because I am keen to experience everything that an American university has to offer, first-hand, and also due to my belief that by completing my degree here, I will be giving myself every opportunity to succeed in life.

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