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Published: 2021-06-22 00:47:31
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This company is vulnerable to spam that increases running costs and sending or receiving of messages that may not have compelling content. The use of emails contributes to fraud where the senders hide their true identity or use passwords to access files. Email usage has been associated with viruses that affect key data or browser. Emails also expose an organization to the risk of online hackers who may cause havoc in the operating systems, steal, modify or even delete the critical data (Sherman, 2003).
Safety on email usage requires regular update of the computers. This increases software security, fixes all loopholes and updates the antivirus firewalls and software that protect against hackers and viruses. Appropriate antivirus software and filters should be put in place. Knowledge on snopes to detect spam and on opening executables sent on email should be emphasized (Sherman, 2003). However, this requires integrity and trust from the employees which may be difficult to determine. The use of email policy also by printing sent and received mails or storing such in hard drives, reduces the risk. This is amongst the safest ways, but it is expensive due to the IT and printing costs associated with it.
Management of a sports arena requires use of credit cards to reduce forgery of tickets and unnecessary queues. This requires software that detects available credit and the amount of time to be spent in the arena (Sherman, 2003). The 3PL Central software may be efficient in such a case. The only shortcoming on the use of this software may be the privacy factor and the configurations needed to match with the operations of a sports arena. However, this is solvable by centralizing all the transactions.
Sherman, J. (2003). Internet Security. Turtleback Books: Texas.

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