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Published: 2021-06-22 00:45:39
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As per Dr. Carr arguments, I will have to agree. Companies approach the use of IT has been based on gaining competitive advantage. The use of this approach was beneficial to companies when the technology was not readily available to other competitors. This is evident in the 1950s and 1980s, when introduction of computers changed the way companies handled businesses. Dr. Carr clearly illustrates this by giving an example of the American Hospital Supply that introduced electronic ordering of medical supplies by hospitals. The use of this system provided AHS with a competitive advantage but later became a liability after the introduction of new technologies (Carr, 2003).

In addition, companies that rush to use new technologies without conducting necessary research on a technology may end up incurring expenses. The issue is that companies should address management of the IT technology by reducing risks and increasing profitability. Most of the losses from companies may not necessary result from the use of an old technology; rather it may be because of other utilities that affect the technology such as electricity. For example, the manufacturing industries are affected by power shortages.

Companies rush to use new technologies, as a way of advertising, but in the end does not generate the expected results.
Additionally, the technology a company may be using right now may become obsolete in a few years. Most companies believe that total reliance on one technology can be disastrous. The information technology industry keeps changing rapidly. New applications and hardware are being developed constantly. Companies end up using extra resources trying out new technologies ass way of increasing their competitive advantage. This results to excessive spending without generating any profits for the company.

Major technological Changes

Some of major changes in technology include linking of the Internet with digital television. This has allowed consumers to be able to view videos online without using a computer. Virgin Media is an example of how digital television is being used together with the Internet. The Virgin media TV box allows users to watch movies on demand and access web applications such as twitter and the BBC iPlayer. Additionally, the Virgin media TV box recording of movies remotely from a mobile phone or a laptop.

Cloud computing is another technology that is becoming popular. This technology allows users to run and store their data from remote servers. It is mostly being used because of the free cost of the technology. Another technology is the use of 4G network on mobile phone networks. This technology provides higher data speeds and a greater capacity compared to it s predecessor, the 3G network. Most of the phones are functioning on the android operating system, which has proved to be reliable.

Cloud computing is very effective for me since it is a free service and allows me to store my data on servers for easier access. At home, it becomes useful since it provides me with access to information that I had stored when not at home. This reduces the need for me to use storage devices such as portable hard drives and flash disks. In addition, chances of my data being destroyed in cloud computing are minimal. The use of phones with android operating systems has provided access to more applications. Using my android phone, I can be able to update applications in my phone whether am at home or in school.


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