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Published: 2021-06-22 00:43:10
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Technology is the production, usage, and understanding of tools, machinery, techniques, systems and organization techniques used in solving problems or performing specific task. Technologies considerably affect individuals and their ability to cope with and adjust to their environment. Use of technology started in pre historic days where humans converted natural resources into simple tools.

Modern technological advancements include the cell phone, the internet and the transport sector that help reduce physical obstacles to communication. In this paper I will focus on three technologies that have had and are continuing to have impact on individuals. They include the internet, cell phones and transport. I decided to center on these technologies because they have largely affected the lives of human beings. The focus of this paper is on the positive as well as the negative effects that these technologies have had and are continuously projecting on individuals since their development.

Positive and Negative Effects of Cell Phones

The cell phone concept was first conceived in the year nineteen forty seven. Sixty three years later, the cellular phone has experienced sweeping changes. Today, the cell phone has touch screens, keyboards, games, internet and much more. In the present day, cellular phones are a key part of society. Nearly everybody possesses a cell phone today, and it’s common to see someone texting or calling on these high-tech devices. They are considered to be especially handy appliances for everyday life. They are useful for swift and easy communication and are also useful when searching for information. Needless to say, these technological devices have positive and negative effects on individuals and on the society in general.

The positive effects of cell phones are diverse ranging from easy communication to educational purposes. It is common to see people texting away on their phones. It is more convenient and timesaving to send a text including an urgent message and, especially in an office setup, it is faster and easier to send a memo through text messaging than posting it on the notice board where several employees may not see it. Through texting you ensure everyone gets the memo.

Cell phones also provide a direct line of communication and on-call availability. This ensures that people can reach one another by a click of a button no matter the distance between them. In a business setting, last minute changes can be easily communicated ensuring convenience. For an individual, this direct communication line makes contact with friends and family easy. With a cell phone, one can contact family members regularly keeping the family bond tight. It helps in keeping track of ach others lives. In emergency times, people can stay in touch with family and friends or accessing emergency response units especially where landlines were not available for example on a highway accident scene.

Modern high-tech cell phones have inbuilt cameras, internet and they are quite portable making them even more convenient. The cameras and the large storage memories allow for saving of memorable moments and photo sharing. In terms of educational purposes, the internet on cell phones allows for easy access to data and educational material from the internet. Internet also allows for communication through emailing as well as social sites available on the web. Students can discus educational topics and assignments via the internet on their phones.

With all this positive impacts of cell phones most people don’t consider the negative impacts that they may possibly have on their lives and health. Cell phones have brought about disunity in families and among associates as a result of neglect where everyone is glued to their phones and do not have time to talk with the other. Excessive use of these devices has lead to addiction to technology. With texting being so easy, the younger generation is opting for written communication over spoken communication since they are more confident and can clearly express themselves in writing. Imagine the impact this will have on recruitment interviews in future.

Cell phones use microwave radiation to communicate. A study conducted by Dr Agarwal, Ph.D sums up some of the health implications of the microwave radiation people are exposed to when using cell phones. The electromagnetic waves released by these devices alter electric activities of the brain causing disturbed sleeping patterns, low concentration spans, High levels of fatigue, and headaches. Cell phones are implicated in the breaking of DNA strands, rise in blood pressure [and reduction in melatonin production. Research conducted by Swedish researchers link cell phone use to damage of major brain cells associated with movement, learning and memory. Destruction of these brain cells causes Alzheimer’s disease.

Positive and Negative Effects of the Internet

Similar to cell phones, internet and computer technology has it impacts on people, be it negative or positive. On a positive note, internet offers a quick and easy way of communication through emails and social sites available on the net. Online discussion forums and blogging sites offers a platform for people to share opinions, discus burning issues, ask questions and get answers to anything. The evolution of internet has promoted education in great lengths through making possible distant learning and online education.
Another positive impact of internet is availability of information and data. The internet serves as a mega storage box for information and data which is easily accessible. By just keying in a query on the net you receive answers to any inquiry or any information related to your query hence making information search easy and fast. Data and information are now a click away. Internet has without a doubt impacted individuals and the general society as well.

Nonetheless, internet does also have its negative effects on individuals. As witnessed by the increase of people logging into pornographic sites, especially the youth, this is unquestionably one of the most disturbing things brought about by the Internet. These sites corrupt the minds of those viewing them and also increase perversion and dilapidation of virtues and morals.

Internet addicts also tend to alienate themselves from the general society. This addiction could impede an individual’s approach to life and the lives of those around them. Most people think that conversing with loved ones via the net present’s equal social satisfaction as face-to-face conversation but, contrary to this, there is a huge distinction between the social self and the virtual self. The internet, if used appropriately is good but misuse of this technology causes adverse effects.

Positive and Negative Effects of Transport Technology

The transport sector has also experienced enormous technological evolution over the past years. This technology affects people both positively and negatively. The positive effects of transport technology range from speed to convenience and reliability. In recent year’s vehicles, trains, airplanes and ship are being manufactured with capability to travel at high speeds. This is extremely convenient when it comes to quick movement of people and goods. Availability of transportation is also affecting people positively since it is easy to commute at any time due to the convenience of the means of transport. For example, in former years cars and trains used to be few and slow but nowadays there are more than enough cars and trains and they are significantly fast saving time on movement.

Movement over long distances has been made easier by the technological advancement in the transport sector. Fast and stronger cars that can travel long distances, trains and planes have closed the gap between long distances making it convenient for people to work and live in different areas. People can also visit loved ones who live far away. In the past people used to take long voyages or slow tiresome train journeys to move from one continent to the other or from one city to another but today it only takes some hours to travel from one corner of the world to the other.

Transport, Just like any other form of modern technology, has its negative impacts. Accidents across the entire transport sector have been increasing over the years. Though the high speed of today’s vehicles is convenient in saving time, it is also responsible for a substantial percentage of accidents. The spread of transmissible diseases has also been enhanced by the ease of movements across diverse regions. For example, a person from North America can travel to Africa where they acquire diseases that are not prone to their regions.

Technological advancement of the transport industry has promoted more social discrimination since not everyone can afford a posh car or afford a plane ticket or pay for a cruise ship voyage, therefore creating a gap between people who can afford these luxuries and those who can’t. This disparity will further lead to an increase in social crimes, like theft, since the less advantaged envy those with these luxuries and may want to have them too.


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