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Published: 2021-06-22 00:32:24
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A. Purpose of the project
The purpose of the project is to achieve more effective paper workflow and information management in the city attorney’s office of Torrance, in order to reduce costs, avoid customer complaints and to achieve the 90% rate of the trials, which are brought to the court within a year, as required by the Los Angeles County.
B. Criteria for success.
Decrease or eliminations of outsourcing, thus reducing the cost.
Reduction of the average time it takes to retrieve the documents.
Decrease in the number of documents redone.
Reduction in the number of lawsuits filed against the attorney office.
Decrease of the documents prepared by hand relative to the overall number of documents.
Increase in the number of documents stored in the digital format relative to the overall number of documents.
Reduction of the deadlines missed due to new software implementation.
Cost reduction for physical storage.
C. Describe any assumptions/constraints.
Legal documents can be handled electronically without violating any standards and regulations on handwriting some of the documentation.
Inefficiencies and cost increase are mainly attributed to handling paper-based documentation.
The number of documents which can be converted will be sufficient to achieve cost savings.
Documents stored electronically will not be stored in the physical storage area, thus offering cost savings.
D. Compile a limited set of requirements and classify them based on the following types.
1. Business
The cost of new digital system will not exceed the available budget of the Torrance offices, since they are facing budgetary pressures
Sufficient amount of documentation can be transferred into the digital format in order to realize cost reductions without compromising compliance with the regulations regarding the feasibility of using digital documents instead of handwritten ones.
2. Functional
Docketing system should be integrated in order to keep track of court deadlines. Full text search of the documents option. Possibility to access documents by multiple users in order to promote collaboration among attorneys and support staff in the Torrance Agency.
3. Technical
New software system will be able to handle the amount of documentation used in the city attorney office.

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