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Published: 2021-06-22 00:29:29
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In the 21st century, the society has become too dynamic hence changes take place at a tremendous speed. As a matter of fact, people choose to live in various regions namely, slums, cities and the country for a range of reasons. Nevertheless, there are numerous reasons why city slums are better than the country. In most developing nations, there are developments of city slums due to increase of migration of the populace from the rural to the city. The rural poor are flocking into the urban region at an increasing rate. These individuals establish various illegal settlements in the outcast of the city, and builds shacks using metals, scrap boards, and card boards.
Perhaps city slums are better than country; this is because city slums presents the rural poor with various opportunity to improve their lives socially, politically, and economically. In the developing world, there are various innovations, as well as inventions that have been made in the city slums. The city slums are better because it helps individual in looking for money. City slums are realistic on economic sense; this implies that a lot of money circulates within the city. City slum dwellers are at the bottom of the city population, but they are better than those living in the rural. Living in the city presents an opportunity to have access to information. Life in city slums is more stimulating, access to electricity and on the modern technologies. Hence, city slums are better than country because it presents better educational, social, and economic opportunities (Henslin, 2005).
There are various solution for the vast migration to the cities in the least industrialized nation. Responsible stakeholders must ensure that they provide social amenities such as telephones, roads, electricity and water. Moreover, improvement of infrastructure and creation of industries in the country is a tremendous solution to vast migration. The establishment outstanding educational facilities will reduce the vast migrations. Entertainment and recreation facilities should also be developed (Henslin, 2005).
There are several sociological theories that explain urban revitalization; these include conflict, interactionism, and functionalism theories. Urban revitalization entails reconstruction of the urban region. Functionalism asserts that society is a complex system with many parts that world together to ensure stability and solidarity. During urban revitalization, these theories become exceedingly conflicting. People living in the city are not united due to the existence of many difference, hence, in sociological perspective the move to revitalize the urban will interact the normal functioning of the urban area (Andersen & Taylor, 2007). Additionally, conflict theory can be used to elaborate on the effects of urban revitalization; during urban revitalization conflict will occur due to existing political, economic and social inequalities. The conflicting ideologies among the city residents, city dwellers and city slum dwellers will affect the urban revitalization. According to interactionism theoretical perspective, it drives various social processes from people’s interaction. Urban revitalization will entail a lot of social interaction process which consist mutual adaptation, actions and reactions. The social roles within the city will be changed and may cause conflicts.
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