Free Argumentative Essay On Abortion Unacceptability

Published: 2021-06-22 00:26:46
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Abortion is an intentional termination of a pregnancy, which is either achieved through the taking of pills or by a surgery. Miscarriage is as a result of taking pills, which starves the foetus of necessary nutrients for development while the surgical process involves removing the foetus from the womb. The number of abortions that occur each year are around 1.25 millions. The US constitution allows women to terminate their pregnancy if they so wish. This makes abortion a primary right. Following the controversies associated with abortion in the society, governments have embarked on setting laws to control the phenomenon. For instance, in 2003 President Bush banned abortion. The abolishment of abortion by the president sought to do way with one of the procedures used in abortion- Intact Dilation and Extraction. Banning abortion is of the essence in maintaining the sacredness of lives in the entire universe. Abortion is a serious human rights violation and thus should be made illegal in all cases.
It is imperative to note that life begins at conception. In eight weeks time, in which case many abortions take place, the baby develops heartbeat and elementary brain activities thus making it a human being. This makes abortion wrong. In addition, women are very much affected during and after abortion either physically or emotionally. The men experience psychological damages and in most cases, this leads to depression. According to Reardon et al, “women who undergo the procedure are 154 per cent likely to commit suicide” (2002, p. 838). Abortion too leads to discrimination especially when carried out for the reasons of abnormalities. This discriminates against people with abnormalities who are able to lead rewarding lives in the contemporary social order. It also affects the low-income earners.
If abortion is not dealt with accordingly, in this case abolished, many cases of unproductiveness together with other life threatening reproductive risks will be experienced. This is so because abortion damages the reproductive system thus causing permanent problems as far as pregnancies are concerned. Stillbirths, ectopic pregnancies as well as miscarriages will be the daily occurrences. Additionally, abortion has an upper hand in the many cases of breast cancer diseases. In the US, around 3 million people are in dire need of adopting children but abortion has reduced the possibility to slightly above 100,000 children. In addition to this, the thought of deaths of the many valuable contributors of the society is depressing. Children from women with abortion histories have behavioural problems as well as poor relationships with the families. According to Reardon et al. (2003), abortion can highly affect the bond between the mother and the subsequent children negatively leading to poor mothering skills as well as affecting the woman’s psychological stability (p. 10).
Many proponents of abortion claim that abortion is not a form of murder since the foetus has not yet attained the features of a human being. A human being is characterized by the presence of human DNA in the foetus as opposed to the features associated with a fully developed human being. In addition, the claim that to restrict a woman’s right to choose is to deny her right as a woman is self-centred reason that ignores the nature in the womb as well as the responsibility to protect and guard life.
In conclusion, abortion is a very controversial topic even in the medical field. It has gathered both positive and negative entities from different school of thoughts. Even so, it is destruction to innocent human life guilt of no wrong. Therefore, life is sacred and it does not matter whether it is fully developed or not thus should be protected. This is the reason why abortion should be banned at all cost since the foetus has a human DNA and alive making the nature of life human.

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