Example Of The Orange Door Health Center Case Study

Published: 2021-06-22 00:41:47
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Sound strategic planning in health care entails setting up the long-term roadmap for the facility, identifying key initiatives and defining accountability for outcomes (Ogilvie & Sare, 2012). In this regard, developing the most appropriate strategic plan for the Orange Door Health Center that addresses environmental issues identified beforehand is crucial.
The Orange Door Health Center is currently undergoing transformation into a fully-fledged community clinic. Therefore, the strategic plan relevant in this case is one that envisions these changes and has tools to check excesses during the transformation process. Most appropriate strategic plan clearly defines goals and strategies. ODHC strategic plan that tackles the environmental issues such as competition, funding and technology is drawn from a variety of perspectives such as operational, financial and managerial. The plan is to transform into a stable and operational health center. This has to be guided by principles that are core to the healthcare activities. These are evidenced based health care practices that ensure the safety of patients and quality results (Hall, Moore & Barnsteiner, 2008). The Perfect model that can be applied to improve the quality of care at ODHC is Six Sigma. This model identifies and removes causes of defects in clinical processes (Hall, Moore & Barnsteiner, 2008).
Adoption of integrated IT system will help streamline record keeping of files of patients who visit the center. This will also facilitate sharing of crucial information between departments when the facility expands (Filipovitch, 2006). Professional management of the health care facility through leadership that involves all the stakeholders will guarantee improved performance. Funding problems will end as the facility becomes profitable. In addition, the facility can withstand competition from rivals when its operational activities become streamlined.
The above course of action will guarantee improved performance. This will be through the establishment of unique solutions to the facility needs, fixed accountability system by persons & date, and tools for managing day-to-day activities by the leadership.
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