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Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:51
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Alice Munro’s short story, ‘the bear came over the mountain’, is masterpiece in terms of its organization and structure. Munro takes advantage of the limited length of the short story to provide a narrative that affects the emotions of her readers by bringing out the experiences and actions of characters within the story (Munro, 2007, p.37). Of key interest, the characters used in Munro’s short story are rather stiff and cannot be able to fix the deterministic dilemmas that they find themselves in. Grant and Fiona, who is the main characters in this short story, are a happily married couple. However, Fiona suffers from Alzheimer's disease and causes her to lose her memory. To the detriment of Grant, Fiona is forced by her medical condition to join a nursing home (Munro, 1999, p.29).While she was at the nursing home; Fiona falls in love with a fellow patient named Aubrey. Due to her medical condition, she thinks that Aubrey is Grant. She extends all her former love to Aubrey. As a way of reducing the shock and agony, Grant begins to date Aubrey’s wife who is facing the same atrocities (Kotzwinkle, 1996, p.41). This proposal intends to explain some of the ways that Munro uses stiff characters to capture the emotions of her audience.
Therefore, the key question that this proposal seeks to develop is to explain the organizational and structural styles that Alice Munro uses to capture the emotions of her audience. The reason why I chose this topic is because Munro does not explain to her readers the feelings of her characters. She lets the readers be able to deduce the emotions of the characters used in a natural way. This makes this story more involving in terms of emotion and connection of the audience to its plot.
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HenryHolt and company, LLC.

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