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Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:33
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Personal Statement
My interest in accounting dates back to the time I was in elementary school. I was a straight A student in mathematics from first grade to fourth grade. At the beginning of second grade, I bumped into Mark, who lived with his family a few meters from our house. It was not long before an impregnable friendship blossomed between the two of us. The friendship grew so strong that we used to spend the whole weekend together, either at Marks family house or our house. On one weekend, Marks father, an accountant, was home. I admired the fact that Marks father was always with books or in front of his laptop. I further admired the fact that Marks father always drove a classy vehicle. With my curiosity, I was tempted to ask Marks father what kept him busy most of the time; a question that developed into one of the most life changing discussion I have ever been involved in. Little did I know that the discussion was the onset of one of my lifelong career path. From Mark’s father’s assertions, it was singularly clear that the knowledge of mathematics is inherent in accounting as a profession. Owing to my exemplary mathematical skills, I felt obliged to take an accounting career path.
I acknowledge that an accountant should be exceptional with mathematics due to the fact that much of accounting problems involve mathematical calculations as well as critical analysis of a plethora of facets. As mentioned earlier, I am well versed with mathematical skills coupled with impeccable analytical skills; the same skills that warranted me a placement at OSAN Air-Base to collect and analyze information about North Korea. My economic background also makes it easier for me to understand accounting concepts due to the close relation that exists between economics and accounting- I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Art in Economics (University of Maryland, College Park) and will graduate in December. I served as the president of MECS English Club between March 2001 and December 2007, a position that I held successfully owing to my exemplary communications skills, verbal and non-verbal, as well as my determination in team play. My interest in reading is glittering; I like being in readership of all and sundry literature, specifically literature on accounting and economics. My interest in reading developed soon after my encounter with Mark’s father.
With regards to my career objectives, it is only logical that I get admission into an institution that will nurture me into an all-important accountant. I am particularly interested with University of Maryland (UMCP) because of its world ranking; UMCP is among the top 30 universities worldwide with an unmatchable graduate school. Moreover, I am already acquainted with UMCP. Again, the lecturers are qualified and are dedicated to seeing students perform well. After obtaining the Masters Degree in Accounting, I plan to travel back to Korea and help my father in managing his company in a bid to globalize the company. On the same note, I plan to constantly author and publish accounting publications as a way of sharing my knowledge and experiences with other in the accounting field.
It is also worth noting that I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from Dong-guk University at Seoul, Korea. Off academics, I am a determined basketball player who sometimes back played for MDP Basketball Club. I am also involved with my church as a member of the Church Technical Team served with the responsibility of preparing materials for worship using MS PowerPoint.

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