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Published: 2021-06-22 00:44:05
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Arguably, there are different needs for every company that enhances its success in its operations, the desires for every organization keeps on changing to suit the advancement of technology and keeps its competitiveness. There are various models, which aid organization to change with the aim of enhancing its success especially with the present competition. The 7’s model is a model with various elements such as; the structure of the company, the strategy they use, the organizations systems, the main shared values of the organization, the company’s headship style, the staffs and skills of human resources.

In this research, we focus in the 7’s model, which assists the organization to accelerate the changes needed to maintain its competitiveness. For the model to realize positive results, the seven elements must be aligned to support the other elements in bringing success to the organization. The model is utilized in any company organization or team efficacy issue where stressing irregularities of approach can be valuable (Bradford & Burke, 2005).

The 7’s models have some principles and the basis to which the model derives its success in the organizational change. Application of individual changes more so by the workers of the organization, management of change incorporate careful planning and responsive implementation. It is also advisable to discuss and involve other persons that the change affects; changes cannot be imposed this can bring some conflicts among the members of the organization. This model, is basically quantifiable, attainable and must be sensible; this is mostly apt in making individual change (Burke, 2010). This model is necessary for the organizational change; the method for its application is another basis of the model. The elements of the 7’s model clearly depict how the organizational change is effected; strategy is part of the 7’s model, which plays a vital role in the organizational change.

This element assists the managers of the organization in identifying the changes that are required by the organization so as to enhance its competitiveness. The organizations systems are also one of the elements of the model, this clearly shows the daily procedures in the organizations operations hence facilitating the change. There is also an element of shared values by those who are concern in the organization; hence, this helps to get rid of the conflict on the organizational change. The organizational headship style, the staffs and their skills are also the models elements which facilitates the change (Wendell & Cecil, 2002).

The 7’s model is a model which is not complex in its application in enhancing the organizational change. The organizational experts of implementing the change should first increase the urgency of the change in line with the model. The experts should inspire individuals to move and make their goals real and appropriate. The organizational management must select the right workers who have the right qualification and commitment to tackle the implementation of the model. A team is formed to institute the vision and strategy of the model, they subsequently communicate on the application of the model and removal of the barriers by employing full action of the model. What follows is the setting of the models aims and encouraging its persistence and fortitude and finally ensuring the change stick and hence the success of the 7’s model application to enhance organizational change (Burke, 2010).

There is various strengths and weakness of models of organizational change. The 7’s model has some strength, which includes; the elements of the model increases its efficiency in facilitating the change, the model is easy to be applied in the change mission. The model can take a little time in the realizing the expected results on its application (Kurt, 2003). The models also encourages decision making in each operation stage and enable efficient information technology which facilitate the changes.

On the other hand, the model has some weaknesses which includes; the cost of applying the model to realize the goal is expensive, it is also best applied by experts, an ordinary employee is not able to successfully apply the model. The model can take a lot of time to be effective; hence, the expected change can delay (Bradford & Burke, 2005). The workers of the concern organization must also be skilled so as to apply the model successfully. The model cannot be used to force change to the organization, but the workers and other concerned authorities should first be enlighten.

The 7’s model is can be successfully be employed to realize positive results in the organizational change. The structure of the organization is an indispensable element of the model, the hierarchy of the leaders and their commitment to change is very important towards its success. The strategy to be used must be appropriate to the situation necessitating change in the organization. The systems running in the organization must be aligned to the organizations expected change and the daily operations of the company. The company’s headship style, the main shared values of the organization, the staffs and skills of human resources are very helpful in the application of the model. It is recommended that the 7’s model be used at any time and in any organization since the elements in the model are meant to suit any situation.


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