Example Of Fontbonne University Personal Statement

Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:30
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Admission Essay
Degree objective: Masters in HES- Multidisciplinary Health Communication Studies
My effulgent interest to pursue Human Environmental Science, specifically Multidisciplinary Health Communication Studies, is one that is regularized by refulgent short term and long term educational goals. Currently my overarching short-term educational goal is to graduate with a master’s degree in Human Environmental Science. This is in light of my deathless inducement to better the society by helping people change their ways through a multidisciplinary communication approach. I live in a society where people, especially the youths, are increasingly becoming obese as a result of improper life-styles. To me the problem is not veritably with the victims; there is no one to help them make such life changing decisions by communicating to them effectively, someone who genuinely apprehends the pertinence of effective communication theory as well as the protection motivation theory. I am confident that with a Masters Degree in Human Environmental Science (Multidisciplinary Health Communication Studies), I will not only be able to help my community, the world at large through effective communication in health matters. My long-term educational goal is to pursue a PhD in Human Environmental Science.
With such beaming long term and short term educational goals, it is only logical that I get admission into an internationally illustrious university like Fontbonne University. The university offers a collegial environment for its students. I am particularly astounded with the ever-strong job outlook for Fontbonne undergraduate and graduate students. I succinctly asseverate this owing to the fact my friends from Fontbonne University have constantly found placements in leading organizations almost immediately. In a visit to the university, I interacted with one of the academic staff who was not only supportive, but was also full of actuating sentiments- a typic of an instructor whose class I have always envisioned belonging to. The class sizes, as I would come to discover during my visit, are quintessentially small.
I am looking forward to getting admission into Fontbonne University.

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