Example Of Family Nurse Practitioner Personal Statement

Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:22
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Personal Statement
Personal Statement
Quality, I believe, is better than quantity. In the same spirit, I strongly believe that every endeavour has its time and season. As such, I have faith that by pursuing a degree program in nursing, I will be in a position not only to fulfil my long term dream, but to also achieve my greatest desire of helping humanity access quality health care. Globalization and increased application of technology has led to increased dependence on mechanized labour. Nonetheless, many countries, especially developing countries heavily rely on human capital. There is a significant need to appreciate the fact that productive human capital can only be obtained from healthy individuals. As such, a nation that aims at ensuring productive human capital has no choice but providing cheap and quality health services to its citizens.
Before exploring the nursing field, I pursued a Diploma course in Marketing. Thereafter, I worked for in a company whose main duty was to inspect pharmaceutical products in order to ensure quality. This gave me an opportunity to travel to different places including remote areas within my country, Nepal. It is during my stint in this company that I realized how people in the remote areas lacked access to basic and quality health care. My drive towards pursuing nursing was triggered by the need to ensure my people access basic healthcare services. In addition, acquiring a degree in nursing will enable me to teach nurses in future. Further, I would wish to pursue a degree in nursing in order to change the vision of nursing in my motherland Nepal. Considering my curiosity and passion towards nursing, it emerged indispensable to proceed with my studies in order to acquire adequate knowledge and skills. I first enrolled for a Diploma in Nursing in an institution within my country Nepal. Training, development, and education have been among the overriding factors within my life. After graduating with a Diploma in Nursing in 2008, I undertook BSN from University of Texas from which I graduated in July, 2012 with a GPA of 3.6. However, I feel pursuing a Degree program in Nursing will not only expose me more into the world of Medicine at large, but also make me more knowledgeable and hence more efficient.
I strongly believe that practical experience exposes and individual towards the realities of any field. I have a mass of practice in healthcare. I have been working as an RN in the cardiac telemetry unit at INOVA Health System since September, 2012. This has provided an opportunity to put into practice my theoretical knowledge and skills. In addition, in the course of my duties as an RN, I have been able to interact with family nurse practitioners. My past interaction with family nurse practitioners has helped me shape my long term desires. I highly appreciate the role played by family nurse practitioners in health institutions. Therefore, obtaining an admission at Coppin State University will enable me to turn my long term dreams into realities. Further, Coppin State University is a reputable institution which offers a serene study and leadership development environment. I also have confidence that Coppin State University is the best domicile to pursue my studies since I am intending to move to that place in future. All in all, I envision myself in contributing heavily towards realizing cheap and quality healthcare in Nepal.

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