Example Of Extraordinary Putting Transforming The Whole Game A Book Report Book Review

Published: 2021-06-22 00:31:01
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1. Please write a brief summary of the material presented in the book.
The book is based on various aspects related with Golf game. Book does not only provide detail of techniques and tips a golfer can use but also various exercises which can help players in improving their game. The book provides knowledge on psychology of a golfer, why he wants to play golf. During his fifteen year career Author access the need of various golfers and he found that the main desires of golfer are:

Peace of mind
Increased awareness

In his book Author defined all three points in detail with various exercises to build up these three qualities. Author also asked players to pay attention to their own experience and to become self-coach.
2. Please critique the information presented in the book. Similar to the journal article critique, determine the validity and reliability of the information presented.
The author has done a good job, since the author is a successful golfer and a coach for a long time; most of the time it is reflected that he is sharing his personal experiences and teaching others to do the things his way without presuming that others may have a different or better finding. The book is more or less a set of preaching that hits the mental aspect rather than it lets the game of golf to be a game only.
3. Please describe how you feel this information relates to your sport.
The information presented in the book is not only applicable on golf but also on other sports. In the book Author describes how someone can improve his or her game just by emphasizing on putting. Author describes the game as mind game; he has successfully related the Golf to the various aspects of a person’s life. The author gives a massage to others to have faith in themselves and not to be negative anywhere during the game or in life which is not only helpful to the players of golf but to anyone who plays any sports. The massage of the author inspires me to keep enthusiastic approach during the game as well as in my normal life.
4. Please write any further recommendations for the authors or for people attempting to use the information in this book. You may want to relate your own experiences.
The author has done a good job, he should have been more articulated when he says “try this and see what happens”. Author has tried to deliver his best and sometimes it happens that in course of perfection the actual and simple massage becomes a bit complicated. The readers of the book should always see on the positive aspects of any book and here they will find a lot of inspiring and positive stuff, readers of the book can utilize all the methods told by the author and can get benefits.
Book Report:
Extraordinary putting: transforming the whole game, a book written by Fred Shoemaker and published by penguin. Author is a famous golf teacher and has been teaching playing golf for a long time. One more famous book of the author is Extraordinary Golf; author being a golf lover and world known golf teacher has worked a lot for the golf. He also owns a Golf school named Extraordinary Golf, one of most reputed golf schools of America. He has delivered a number of lectures promoting Golf in many countries of the world and attended many workshops on golf.
In the present book the author has focused on putting in the game of Golf and other aspects of the game. The Putting, according to author is an art and many players make mistakes in putting due to several reasons. Since the author himself is a well known teacher of the game he has discussed the mental condition of players during the game like what they think, how they think and the fear of losing the game etc. this book is a live coach for its readers and for those who love this game, seems that Fred himself is present there on field and teaching the reader each and every technique of playing the golf and improving their game. Apart from golf and golfers the book is a source of inspiration for other sportsmen. The book gives ideas of positive thinking; it helps in keeping enthusiasm and confidence at higher levels. The book is moreover a psychological guide for the sports persons as well as for those who have any kind of fear, hesitation in their minds and for the golfers it is a must read. Almost all eminent Golfers from all over the world have appreciated the book.

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