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Published: 2021-06-22 00:42:33
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1. Definition of the problem

Human Resource (HR) is one of the important intangible factors which contribute to long term achievements of a company; however HR professionals (HRPs) lack the ability to devise and apply successful course of action in line with vision and mission of an organization. The world of business is extremely active where marketplace changes rapidly, today’s updates are tomorrow’s outdates which has turned the role of HRM towards Strategic HRM (SHRM) consequently the role of HRPs to be more strategic than before.

2. Summary of the previous investigations

The previous investigations have shown that professionals have not been able to craft effective strategy by which the goals of the employees and the organization could be brought into collaboration with each other. Studies have shown that HRPs should act like legendary figures of transformative leaders and provide a motivating and satisfying environment at workplace. Organizations cannot be successful in long run unless they would worth their human capital as an essential and invaluable asset. Various researches have reinforced that HRPs should play their role in integrating healthy, value based, gratifying, and profoundly fulfilling environment for the stakeholders. HRPs have also been emphasized to enhance their involvement strategically and ethically helping the organization in achieving its objectives

3. Identification

The literature of the article talks too much about the roles of HRPs with no sight of HRPs in terms of their own career progression. Article clearly delineates the value of SHRM and suggests the ways to strike a balance between value and outcome based goals. The article highlights and reinforces vigorously the importance of different styles of management and leadership in order to facilitate the professionals to solve the problem of their ineffectiveness. It provides solutions to the grievances and maintains a motivating working ambience. It is the focal portal to brand employment so as to get hold of potential workers and to pace up productivity and growth (Caldwell at al. 171–182).

4. Recommendation

In the light of above discussion I came to the conclusion that worldwide the marketplace is becoming more and more competitive and there is a cutthroat rivalry. The proper management of the workforce is required to achieve glorious success and this is what HRPs intend to do. New challenges posed many problems to organizations and the only way out is to make best use of human capital by implementing powerful policies in order to achieve both the quantitative and qualitative goals. HRPs should infuse the spirit of motivation in employees by openly communicating the cultural, social, ethical and structural norms of the organization. So I would strive hard to comply with all these points to help my organization achieve unprecedented success.


Cam Caldwell et al.” Strategic Human Resource Management as Ethical Stewardship”.
Journal of Business Ethics (2011) 98:171–182. PDF file.

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