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Published: 2021-06-22 00:32:30
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Data recovery is an important factor for many producing companies. These companies stock a lot of data that if lost, the company can stop its operations. Therefore these companies should have data recovery programs that ensure that data can be obtained after calamities have occurred leading to loss of data. The data recovery programs should be effective and cost effective to the organizations (Halpert, 2011). The management of companies should therefore take measures to ensure that proper and reliable backup are in place. Even though having back up is expensive, having them is extremely important in that they facilitate continuity of the business activities.
Cloud computing is one of the ways that organizations are able to have a back up of their data such that when disasters occur, the companies still retrieve their data easily. The major advantage of this technology is that it is cot effective and therefore the organizations do not incur much in obtaining this service (Hiles, 2011). However, the company should consider the reliability of the organization providing the services to ensure that the organization is also not affected by the disasters.
Manufacturing organizations keep very important data that if lost, the organization is likely to stop its operations. Research has shown that out of 5 businesses that lose data through disasters, 2 of them go out of business within five years. There are therefore various things that an organization should consider when deciding on whether to obtain the services of the cloud computing. First, the organization should consider the time that organizations should wait before they can recover their data. Data in manufacturing organization should be retrieved within the shortest time possible (Josyula, 2012). This is because the companies need to receive cash from their debtors and order raw materials and pay its liabilities in time otherwise the operations of the organization can come to an end. Therefore cloud computing is suitable for use in this case since it avails the information within a short period.
The organization should also consider the amount of data it can lose and still continue with its operations. Generally, manufacturing companies have very vital data and therefore almost all of the data is very important. This therefore means that all the data of these organizations should have a back up (Shroff, 2010). Since cloud computing can ensure safety of all the data of an organization, these organizations should use cloud computing.
Manufacturing organizations have data that keep on changing. Therefore updating data in the back up is always necessary. Cloud computing here is the best in that it allows keeping up to date data. Manufacturing organizations should therefore consider using cloud computing to ensure that all their data is safe any time. This ensures that anytime a disaster occurs, there is a back up for all the important information in an organization.
The control that an organization has over its data is an important consideration. Some information is confidential and adversely affects the organization if passed to third parties. Cloud computing ensures that information of organization is confidential and therefore manufacturing organizations find cloud computing very useful in that it ensure confidentiality of its stored information and therefore rivals cannot access the information.
Generally, there are various questions that an organization should ask before it decides on the method to use as a backup of its data (Antonopoulos, 2010). A reliable back up is a very important feature in the management of an organization considering the rate at which disasters are occurring in the current world. Organizations should ensure reliable back up to ensure that the disasters do not bring their businesses to an end.
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