Example Of Article Review On Al-Dahiyya: Sight, Sound, Season

Published: 2021-06-22 00:28:27
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When the name Al’Dahiyya is mentioned, many people tend to be flooded with ideas of a place that is backwards and one that is not safe to tread into. In fact, many people often feel that they are not safe within the center. The place is more of a ghetto, a place where people do not have no sense of order and where anything can be expected at any moment (Al’Dahiyya, 1). However, a tour of the Beirut Al’Dahiyya reveals a place that has gone through various transformations to be the place that it is today.
The sights of the city reveal a place that has been quite resilient. After going through all the bombings by the Israeli bombers and the prolonged periods of war, the Beirut Al’Dahiyya still stands strong. The war might have destroyed its features, but it still has that resilience of being a place that is worth its salt (Al’Dahiyya, 7).
The sounds of the place also indicate a place that is not far from civilization. for instance, walking (or driving) through the city, one can actually hear a lot of religious sounds as people are called to prayer. This indicates that as much as the places are referred to as unsafe, they are still quite not backwards in terms of religious matter. In infrastructure, there are various structures that the Al’Dahiyya prides of (Al’Dahiyya, 1). Much might not be said about the seasons, but it is clear that they are also very well in place.
In conclusion, it is clear that people feel that an Al’Dahiyya is a place where people cannot peacefully go through about their daily chores and operations. However, it is clear from the discussion above that the notion is wrong. If only the people had the time to look deeper, they would realize that they are quite mistaken about this.
Work Cited
Al’Dahiyya. Al-Dahiyya: Sight, Sound, Season. N.d. (Attached pdf)

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