Example Of An Annotated Autobiography Of Fredrick Douglas Annotated Bibliography

Published: 2021-06-22 00:26:00
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Douglas, Fredrick. The Narrative of the life of an American Slave. (1845) Boston, Anti-Slave
Office n.45 Print.
In this book Douglas gives graphic details of his life as a slave. The first thing that Douglas address in his book was the lack of the instruction of family among the slaves. There was no bonding with children and parents or wives and husbands. He describes how the children, including him, were treated. They were never full and it was the strongest and the biggest who gets most of the corn meal mush as it was thrown out in a trough. The adults working in the fields were treated no better; even if there was enough food there was no time to eat it. At nights everyone sleeps on the cold hard ground covered with whatever he or she could find to use as blanket. The wives of his masters were just as brutal as their husbands, they measured out the same brutality to their house slaves, as they husbands gave to their field salves.
Douglas, Fredrick. “The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negros” The Life and Writings of
Frederick Douglass, Volume II New York, International Publishers Co., Inc., 1950. print
This is a speech That Fredrick Douglas gave at an independence celebration. He was very outspoken in his speech. He expressed himself in no uncertain words as he told America that the Negroes have nothing to celebrate and they should not be included in this celebration until they are free. He said the idea of equal rights is only for the white man but not for the Negros; the Negros have nothing to rejoice about, and until they are treated as human beings they will not join in an American independence celebration. He blamed the government for allowing slavery and having the audacity to invite him to give a speech about freedom when his fellow Negros are held in bondage. Douglas said he will never celebrate or encourage his fellow Negros to celebrate until they are made equal as the white man.
“Portrait of Fredrick Douglass.” (n.d.) web. 4 July, 2012.
This is a short summary of Douglass’s life. He was born February, 1818 and named Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey". He later changed his name to Fredrick Douglass. At age eighteen he went to live in Baltimore, Maryland where he continued his education. After seven years he was sent back to the country. He was hired out as a farm hand to Edward Covey he beat him daily and kept him hungry until he was broken in spirit, body, and soul
“A Short Biography of Fredrick Douglass” (n.d.) web. 4 July 2012.
Fredrick was abandoned by his grandmother or so he thought. She took him to live with the relatives of her master, that wwas her master’s wish. While living there his mistress taught him the alphabet but her husband forbade her saying that it is unlawful to teach slaves to read. Thereafter, Douglass had a zest for learning and would trade his food with the village boys for lessons in reading and writing. He escaped to Massachuttes in 1838. There he and his new wife settled and raise a family. He was a lecturer for the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society and a colleague of William Lloyd Garrison. Douglass became a public speaker and writer, he even published his own newspaper; The North Star. “He became a trusted advisor to Abraham Lincoln, United States Marshal for the District of Columbia, Recorder of Deeds for Washington, D.C., and Minister-General to the Republic of Haiti. Frederick Douglass died late in the afternoon or early evening, of Tuesday, 20 February 1895, at his home in Anacostia, Washington, DC."
Donald, Robin Mae. “The Heroic Slave: Fredrick Douglass’ Revolutionary Revision.” (n.d.)
American Literature Research and Analysis Web Site. 4 July, 2012
The article summaries the novella,, The Heroic Slave ,the only fictional writing of Douglass. It is parallels the events surrounding the rebellion led by Madison Washington on the slave ship, Creole Maggie Sale.

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