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Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:42
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There are many reasons I wish to attend Florida State University, not the least of which being my commitment to a good education and to attending a diverse university. Given my intercultural experience, I feel I would be a very good fit for the Florida State University community, with its focus on learning, service, leadership and global awareness. I would say that global awareness is the characteristic of the FSU student body that I am most interested in.Being from South Korea, and living there most of my life until very recently, I have a great deal of knowledge regarding this unique and vibrant culture. I would consider it a great honor to offer this information and knowledge about my culture to those who would be interested, furthering the collective understanding of those who attend the university. In addition to that, I would consider myself very open to learning about both American culture and the traditions of other international students. In this way, I would expand global awareness at FSU, while learning about other cultures myself.
I have a great deal of experience with volunteerism service in my native country of South Korea, which I can apply to the same extracurriculars at Florida State University. This perspective may prove useful to others doing the same, and could further greater understanding of the world as a whole. For example, one of my proudest achievements in volunteerism is helping to clean up after the Hebei Spirit oil spill, one of the biggest manmade marine disasters in Korean history. Seeing that level of dedication in my fellow man, especially after such a devastating tragedy, helped inspire me to display that same commitment in my actions. The scope of both the disaster and the relief effort moved me greatly, and I would love to relay that sense of awe and activism in my fellow student.
I have many high hopes for my college experience, which I am confident Florida State University can fulfill for me. In addition to the aforementioned cultural experience and volunteer perspective, I would like to benefit from the incredible education in Criminology that FSU is renowned for. Upon attending FSU, I would like to major in the field of Criminology, as I would like to pursue a career in law enforcement. Florida State University has been acclaimed as one of the best Criminology schools in the country; with that in mind, I believe I would learn greatly from an education at FSU.
In conclusion, there are many things I wish to contribute to the community of Florida State University. My presence could greatly benefit the school's emphasis on diversity and intercultural studies, and my volunteer work has given me fresh perspective on many unique issues, including environmentalism and religion. With this in mind, I would love to become part of the unique family of students who attend this university.

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