Ex-Cop Fights Life Sentence in Bizarre Murder Case Study

Published: 2021-06-22 00:37:21
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1. Richard DiGuglielmo Jr. seems to be the victim of unfair trial. His case has not been properly represented in the court or probably he has been misunderstood by the judges. On the fateful day, he saw that Campbell is about to hit his father with a metal baseball and seeing this, the first thing that came into his mind was that his father is in grave danger and he should save him at any cost. He was a cop and it was his duty to save the life of a man who was about to get hit severely by a violent man. Even If he was not a cop, it was his duty to save the life of his father. No son can afford to see his father dead with violent blows of a baseball in front of his eyes. The behavior of Campbell was violent enough to learn for any reasonable man that the life of Richard DiGuglielmo sr. was in danger. Secondly the witnesses changed their statement and this was overlooked by the higher court while delivering the decision, which makes the judgment distorted. The cop should not be deprived of his right of saving a person’s life. He should not be made an unnecessary example by the legal system and should be hanged just to show how effective and conscientious our system is. Richard DiGuglielmo Jr. should be released immediately in the interest of justice.
2. The facts and evidences of the case suggest that he was not guilty of murder. Richard DiGuglielmo Jr. was just exercising his right to save life of a human being who was also his father. Exercising the right of private defense does not amount to murder and it falls in the category of exceptional cases. He never denied the fact that he did not fire the bullets but the fact is that if he would not have fired, in stead of Campbell, his father would have been died at the spot that day. The witnesses present at the spot knew this fact and told the same before the jury but later on they changed their version of the story which made a critical change in the case by changing the mind of judges. The court on the other hand overlooked this critical aspect and sentenced Richard DiGuglielmo Jr with imprisonment.
3. Right of private defense is recognized in almost all civilized societies of the world and the same is considered one of the pillars of the natural law of justice. Every constitution and legal system makes available equips its citizens with the right of self defense, property as well as the right to protect other’s life and property. Right to possess firearms and to use them for the lawful purpose and without tainted motive is a part of the same recognition by the legal system of states. In this case no constitutional rights were violated by Richard DiGuglielmo Jr. Second amendment to the US constitution recognizes the right of private defense empowers its citizens with the right. Right to save the life of others is also not in contradiction to the US constitution.
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