Effectiveness Of The Training Case Study Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:32:59
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Training is a very important prerequisite for job performance and productivity. The effectiveness of a training process requires a keen evaluation before it is adopted by any organization as it directly translate to an employee’s performance.
This case study presents an instructional form of training where the employee is assigned to a senior officer in the organization to learn as they work together, carrying out the same duties that the potential employee is expected to carry out on his own at the end of the training period. This kind of training provides an opportunity for the trainee to learn hand in hand with a colleague. It is also cost-effective since it does not require a lot of expenses in the form of training materials. Learning by doing is the best way of learning thus makes this approach very effective (Arthur, Eden, Bennett and Bell. 234). Lack of originality is one of the weaknesses of this approach especially when the trainee is not creative enough to practice self-learning. The trainee often ends up emulating even unethical business practices from the trainer. Moreover, the quality of the training largely depends on the sharpness of the trainer and the time available. If the trainer is not competitive, the overall productivity of the trainee may be jeopardized.
For better results, the company should integrate on the job training and the induction approach where the trainee first learns the basic requirements of his job and later gets orientated in the field. This will not only provide room for mastery of the job requirements, but also let the learner know what he is expected of from the word go.
Works cited
Arthur, Eden, Bennett and Bell. Effectiveness of training in organizations. London Printing Press: 2003. Print.

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