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Published: 2021-06-22 00:45:51
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There are several reasons why tests are carried out amongst students. The most prominent one is however, to identify the progress of the students in their learning process. Students exhibit different levels of learning as well as different learning characteristics at the different levels of study.
Several tests that may be carried out to try and establish the learning ability form pretest to post test. The tests may either be oral, written or visual ability. This article seeks to identify and explain the learning process of the students on whom the study was carried out and try to establish the characteristics exhibited by each student at each level of study. These characteristics will be studied on students in above average grade level, on grade level, or below the grade leave. Although students generally exhibit varying levels of ability in learning, it is imperative to note that there are particular characteristics that will cut across all learners at the different levels of study whether on the grade, below the grade, or above the grade as outlined in the narratives below.
At this level, students exhibit high ability characteristics than their counterparts. This can be explained by the fact that these students are already exposed to a particular learning g and can characteristically remember the content in that particular grade without much difficulty.
Generally, from the pre-test all through to the post test, these students exhibited ease in the grasping of the content of the test. The student did not express much difficulty in passing the test since most of the content appeared familiar to him.
Through the pretest and post test sessions, the student exhibited considerable consistency in performance and grasping of the test. In all the tests administered to the student, an average score of 7 out of nine points was recorded in this student.
While appreciating that the student’s performance was way above average, the score was 6 points for the pretest and 8 points for the post test for this student. It is apparent that this student did not have any considerable difficulties in the passing of the test since at a grade above, everything was considerably familiar and thus ease of performance could easily be noted with the student
As expected, the student was quite proficient in the approach to the questions in the test administered. It appeared this student was very good at the particular test given his higher grade. Students above grade generally exhibit high proficiency in most of the areas tested in the below grade tests.
Time taken
In the completion of the test in both pretest and post test, the student above grade appeared to take quite a short time to complete the test, contrary to his counterparts in the lower or on the grade who took a considerably long time to finish the test. This highlights the speed of grasping the information and the subsequent synthesis of the information in order to answer the test questions [properly.
As elaborated above, the above average student showed high levels of competency in the carrying out of the test. Of particular importance is the approach used by the student in passing the test that clearly indicated the student’s competency level to be quite high in contrast to the lower and on grade students.
Ease of tasks
The student exhibited normal ease and difficulties in handling the tests. He seemed to exhibit a normal trend in all the tests taken. This is majorly attributed to the fact that although most of the issues in the test were not too familiar, they were within his level of study and so he could easily grasp the contents of the test.
In this aspect, the student performed normally, with no particular extremes. With an average sore of about 5 out of nine points in the post test, he can be said to have exhibited normal learning characteristics.
Average competence was exhibited by the student in his ability to handle the test. For instance, the student took an average length of time to complete the test, Owing to the fact that some difficulties were experienced in the comprehension and subsequent completion of the test by the student
The general trend is that the student experienced considerable difficulties in addressing the issues presented in the test. All through the pre test and post test periods, the student experienced notable difficulties in comprehending and completing the test. His ability in the different aspects is summarized below.
The student’s performance was way below average, with only 2 points in the nine questions administered; the student’s performance was quite low. He exhibited notable difficulties in the learning processes in the two periods.
Unlike the above grade student, this category had huge inconsistencies in comprehension of the tests at all the levels. For instance, although most of the questions were structurally similar, the student could not make a clear distinction between the various parameters that form the test
Time taken
Quite a long time was taken by this student in the management of the test administered. While on average, 20 minutes was taken per test, this student took at least 35 minutes to complete the test which was not even well done.
The competency level of this student w also noted to be quite low, Witness the long time spent on the test. This is majorly because the student could not comprehend the requirements of the test due to the complexity of the test, given the grade of the student.
Teachers and educators should frequently carry out assessment tests on their student’s top gauge the levels of learning at different levels. This will give them n insight on the different approaches that they should adopt in order to ensure that their work in effective and able to assist students at all levels.
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