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Published: 2021-06-22 00:28:31
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Many reasons exist as to why people get distracted, what these distractions are, and how they get distracted on different occasions. Majority of studies have shown that students are distracted the most and because of this, everyday learning activities are disrupted in many learning institutions. According to statistics, most students are distracted by cell phones, friends, gossiping in libraries or classes, relationships among the students thus including crushes, music that the students listen to through there I-pods ,peoples appearance and way of dressing. The area where the school is located should not be near an industrial area where there is a lot of noise. Students need a place that is quiet and peaceful where they could learn in peace. Most of the time students get distracted due to lack of interest or plain boredom.
The cell phones are the major threat to education because nearly all students have access to it therefore they are able to communicate with one another easily while the teacher is in class. An example of such a student is 9th grader Ailen who says that “my phone because am always on it using Pandora or texting”. The reports also show that most students send each other messages using the cell phones when asking for help with their exams, which cause disruption in the room once the student, is discovered or reported.
Secondly, social networking is also another source of distraction because most the current youth use to keep in touch with another while being taught. This makes friendship to amount to a form of distraction because most students will prefer to have more friends at the expense of their education. They are so distracted in the classroom because they chat while sharing moments of fun with their friends in the classroom instead of listening to what the instructor is teaching. This view seems to be true because a tenth grader Jasmin Quinn said, “my friends are my worst distraction because they are always talking to mw and making me laugh when I try and concentrate on my work.” Therefore, there will be more gossiping, relationships and drama in schools with the continued existence of social networking. As such, schools will be transformed into more of a soap opera situation than an educational center. Curiosity with regard to what is happening amongst their peers will increase as compared to the amount of time allocated to books.
Linden Medoros said “getting stuck in the middle of a class by a girl”. This form of distraction is relationship as we can see is a vital part in learning institution because most of the time those who are in relationships tend to concentrate with one another as Linden appears to be. At times, students involve others in their relationship particularly situations when they exchange messages with one another. It even becomes worse when third parties are involved! Finally yet importantly, many a student will find some of their classes to be boring and as such, they tend to lose concentration due to distractions from their worlds of imagination as a 10th grader Andrew Roura says, “Day dreaming distracts me because school is really boring”. Students who have ADD tend to be distracted easily as mentioned by an 11th grader Carlos Valdes who seems to have this problem for he said” people walking because I have ADD so really anything distracts me”. Noise pollution is also a major problem for students who are learning. A 12th grader Jonathan Piombo who says, “Loud people when I’m trying to study distract me.” This show that we need to reduce the noise we make or even when discussing speak to one another and not shout.

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