Difficulty Of Writing A Lesson Plan In The Nteq Format Course Work

Published: 2021-06-22 00:43:18
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Since the introduction of computers in the K-12 class years back, most learning institutions have incorporated technology in their teaching and learning methods. The main aim was to enhance efficient learning in schools and prepare students well for the job environment.
However, their introduction has not met this main objective and students use this facility for other destructive purposes. With the increased dynamism of technology, many teachers have embraced NTeQ (Integrated Technology for Inquiry) model in creating their lesson plans, among other Instructional Design Models (Branch, Orey, and Jones, 2010). However, for NTeQ model to work effectively, teachers and other learning facilitators must look for measures of improving NTeQ in lesson planning and make it more useful. I think the major difficulty of NTeQ model in lesson planning is that some teachers feel uncomfortable with NTeQ model and are less efficient with it. Some students also serve as obstacles to NTeQ model, since they are well equipped than their teachers, and tend to do irrelevant things from learning like playing games. As a result, Computer technology serves as a threat to these teachers and training facilitators. Those teachers that began their profession long before the introduction of computer technology are the worst affected, since they see it as cumbersome and would rather use the earlier teaching methods. In order to overcome this challenge, I believe that organizing proficiency workshops would help teachers develop their basic knowledge to advanced computer skills. In addition, teachers can imitate students’ roles and use computers as a device of problem solving. Training facilitators should also have background information about the operations of most software used in the classroom in order to facilitate optimized learning.
Moreover, they should incorporate their former knowledge of enhanced student-teaching methods with technology to facilitate student-oriented learning process.
Branch, R., Orey, M., & Jones, S. (2010). Educational Media and Technology Yearbook.
Georgia, GA: Springer Publisher.

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