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Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:31
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Admission Essay
Since childhood, I have always demonstrated that I am innately motivated to help people. However, I must admit that, for several years, I never had a serious thought about the career that best suited me. In 1994, I graduated with an associate’s degree in Environmental Science from Central Florida Community College. I spent many years trying to get a satisfying placement with the associate’s degree. I later opted to pursue a career in Organizational management leading to my enrolment at Edward Waters College, Jacksonville, FL for an Organizational Management degree course. I graduated from the Edward Waters College in 2005. Before joining Edward Waters College, I was working as a licensed private investigator for Ballards Investigations; a job placement, which despite being relatively satisfying, was overly involving because it involved a lot of data handling, phone handling and general clerical functions. Ideally, the job did not provide me with the opportunity to practice my innate desire to help people. I later took a job in a marketing firm as a DME marketing and sales specialist at Angels Oxy Plus Home and Medical Equipment in Orlando where I was mainly served with the responsibility of marketing and selling cutting-edge medical equipment to various homes and hospitals within Orlando.
I am hard working individual with exemplary determination in team play. Through hard work I was able to grow Grew Home Oxygen Sales from start up to approximately 100 clients in two years. Additionally, I am performance driven with exceptional knowledge in business development having pursued business administration up to master’s level. Serving as a DME marketing and sales specialist at Angels Oxy Plus Home and Medical Equipment undoubtedly helped me improve my communication skills. It is indubitable that a sales and marketing specialist must have symbolic communications skills; I possess remarkable communication skills, oral and written, that enable me communicate effectively with all and sundry. I demonstrate talent for rapidly acquiring and applying new knowledge. I am sure that this attribute coupled with my desire to read widely and deeply will go a long way in enabling me prosper in the nursing profession.
Presently, my goal is to graduate with a BSN degree. Even though I currently do not see any clear link between nursing and business administration, I am sure that, by the end of nursing course, I will be having a strategy that will help me combine my business administration knowledge and nursing. I am hopeful that my application to join Remington College of Nursing will be accepted.

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